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Its going to be flipping amazing!!

Watch this space for more details of the next Team Evo Event. We are on it this year and have, as a group, raised hundreds for various charities.

The next event is Flipping Amazing, our resident strongman who is pound for pound strong as a strong man from strongville, Adam, is going to attempt an endurance feat like no other. For approx 4 hours on Saturday 19th December 2015 Adam will flip a tyre (320kg) as many times as he can.

I cannot even do it once and it is a monster of a tyre. The effort this will take cannot be overestimated.

Details of how you can help and take part will follow shortly, but if you see Adam in the gym remember to give him some motivational input, a grunt or huraahhh or just a pat on the back.

Team Evo Rocks!!!!!!!


Extreme Nutrition Whey review by Rachael Hayes (DFAC Pro)

When doing any review firstly we need to establish what is the reason for using a product and what are the criteria we want it to meet. It’s only when we’ve done this that we can assess a product against it.

So whey protein powder, what am I looking for ?

Personally, I’m looking for an easy source of about 20gm of good protein, easily utilised, versatile options for mixing into other foodstuffs or easily mixed on its own and a pleasant taste. My main uses are in my in between meals especially if at work and in a meeting and/or when travelling, 

Carbs are usually quite work or travelling friendly but a smelly piece of fish or eggs can ruin the atmosphere at any meeting or in a confined train carriage.

So against my criteria how does extreme whey square up?


One scoop of extreme nutrition Whey provides 26.4 per 35gm serving

It also gives 2.02gm of fat and 2.78gm carbs (this is the milk chocolate others may vary). 

This means. Don’t have to worry too much as long as I almost fill the scoop


Extreme whey mixes well into cereal,  protein cake mixtures (to follow) and on its own.


I like the mix ability of this whey you don’t need a blender to make it drinkable it can be blended in a shaker  although in smoothie maker with ice and fruit it’s extra yum, strawberry is really fresh and light whereas milk chocolate is lush and a treat at any time.


All in all this product gives me just what I am looking for. I can also mix it with Extreme carbs for my post workout. 

Team Evo Strongman

Saturday 8th March 2014 Team Evo strongmen Adam and Duncan get the competitive year underway.

At Iron Athletes Gym, Sheffield it’s a great way to start 2014 and near enough for the gym to get behind our strength athletes.


Britain’s Natural Strongest Man Northern Qualifier 2013 – Consett Rugby Club, Consett. Saturday 8th June 2013

Britain’s Natural Strongest Man Northern Qualifier 2013 – Consett Rugby Club, Consett. Saturday 8th June 2013

The events for this year’s qualifier have finally been released. After a good qualifying from Dan Shirt last year, interest in this competition has gone from strength to strength. This competition is aimed at athletes who do not use performance enhancing drugs. Athletes will be tested on the day.


Potential competitors this year are as follows:


Under 90kg – Lee Parkes, Adam Saltfleet and after getting a real taste for it in Essex Jordan Mitchell is going to give it another go.


Under 105kg – Polska Power himself Lukas Trotski


Opens – the question on everybody’s lips, will big Dan Shirt drag himself out of hibernation and give it another go??!!


The men will be separated from the boys by the following gruelling events:


1. U90’s 90kg log reps
U105’s 105kg log reps
Opens 120kg log reps


2. U90’s 210kg Deadlift reps
U105’s 230kg Deadlift reps
Opens 250kg Deadlift reps
(No suits, no Sumo) Straps ok


3. U90’s 100kg 20 metres 120kg 20 metres farmers walk
U105’s 110kg 20 metres 130kg 20 metres farmers walk
Opens 120kg 20 metres 140kg 20 metres farmers walk


4. Olympic bar floor to overhead, no continental cleans. Maximum, start weights tbc

5. Medley (3 events will be chosen from the proposed below)
Yoke x 20m 250kg/280kg/310kg
Keg carry x 20m
Tire Flip x 6 (300kg – 350 TBC)
Sled drag x 20m
Prowler Push x 20m


There you have it…piece of cake? If anybody else fancies giving it a go speak to Jon Clark or Lee Parkes for info. Any spectators are more than welcome to tag along!!!



written by Lee Parkes 2013

Team Evo take on Team Strongman by Lee Parkes

Under 85kg Team Strongman – Body Active Gym, Essex

Sunday morning is a cool dry day. Perfect conditions for the pain that lay ahead of us!
10:00am and all nine teams are weighed in, competitors weighing between 78 and 85kg. I just scrape in at 85kg and Jordan easily makes weight at 80kg.

Lots are drawn for the running order. We draw 5th for the first event, team tyre flip weighing 400kg for as many reps as possible in 75 seconds. The first four teams score between 12 and 14 reps. Our aim is 16 reps, thinking this will be enough to win this event. We get 16 with seconds to spare! The last team to go get 17 reps! Second place in first event, a good start!

Next event is Farmers deadlift for reps, 95kg in each hand. Jordan gets a solid 20 reps in 75 seconds. Good start, I manage to add 28 reps to make a total of 48 reps. This is enough for 3rd place in the second event.

Next up is the team loglift, an extra long two man log loaded with 140kg of weight. This is gonna be fun! We crank out 6 reps but get a dubious decision on 1 rep and only given 5. Fourth place in 3rd event leaves us in 3rd place overall at the halfway mark. We are then rewarded with a well earned break of half an hour to refuel for the next half.

4th event is the dreaded medley, all items to be carried 20 metres in relay fashion 60kg dumbbell, 80kg log, 105kg axle and finally 160kg duck walk. Brutal! We get fourth place!
Penultimate event is Frame carry for 20m, frame weighs 360kg plus! We do it in 12 seconds! Good enough for 4th place again.

Last event is arm over arm drag, a sled weighing over 360kg. This event causes a bit of controversy as only three teams are able to move the monster sled over the concrete car park. We are one of the three teams and come third in the last event. Joint 3rd overall, I am gutted!

Good start to the season. We had a great day, met some great people and by the end of the day we were both completely chin strapped! So back to EVO to get stronger for the next one!!




Naturally a Strongman

Dan Shirt is naturally a strongman, this week he talks to us about his gym history and recent strongman success.


Dan is 29 years old and lives with his partner, Lauren and two kids. Travis 4 and Tate 11 months.

Tell us about your Gym History:

I started training at Evolution Gym 6 years ago and have received massive support from owners, Jon Clark and Rachael Hayes, over the years. The gym has become like a second home and family. The atmosphere and lads and lasses who train there are very supportive of each other.

I started off training to lose weight and get fit but as I got to know Jon encouraged me to begin bodybuilding and put me on the right path with nutrition and training. Support is what Jon does for everyone who trains at the gym and are interested in listening to his advice and taking it on board. He has all the time in the world for people even though he leads a more hectic life than anyone I know.

I soon realised bodybuilding was probably not the best thing for me as I don’t see to be able to stick to the strict diet that is needed to accomplish the results necessary to get on stage. However, strongman is a lot more up my street. Although you still need to follow a certain nutrition plan, which Jon was more than happy to help with once again – it is not as strict and a lot easier to stick to.

So, I started to change my training to a more strongman style which is when I met my training partner Lee Parks who organises all my training sessions and pushes me through them with no mercy. He is ex-Army so you get no sympathy, which is what is needed in strongman.

Lee is also the one who finds all the competitions for me to enter via Sugden Barbell website, which has all the information about upcoming shows. It has strongman profiles which include personal bests of other competitors and information about placings in any competitions they have entered.

The first competition I entered was UK Strongman North Open. It was nerve wracking but a great eye opener. I came 17th out of 30 men – not bad for a first attempt, it was a great learning experience.

Next came Yorkshire’s Strongest Man open. I came 12th out of 20 men, again learning.

I have recently decided to compete in Natural Only srongman as I do not use any performance enhancing drugs and have just competed in Britain’s Natural Strongest Man. This was in County Durham and hosted by Jack Lovett at the Spartan Strongman Gym.

It was the best competition I have ever done and due to a lot of hard training and amazing support from Jon Clark, Lee Parks and Team Evolution I came second and am now training for the Britain’s Natural Strongest Man Final which will be held at Paradise Wildlife Park, Hertfordshire.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jon Clark, Rachael Hayes of Evolution gym and also a big thanks to Lee Parks for pushing me through some brutal workouts.


Dan Shirt

Dan placed 2nd this weekend in a tested strongman comp in County Durham, this was a qualifier and means he is through to the final in August. Whoop Whoop go Dan.

This deserves a big well done to Dan and Lee Parkes who have worked hard to get Dan strong and fit for this comp. Keep up the good work guys.