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Stretching anyone

One thing for sure as I get older I get less flexible. This is down to me not making the fort to keep up the stretching. Flexibility makes life so much easier flexible mind, flexible body more adaptation. So let’s have a looks at some basic stretches we can do every day to help us stay flexible.

Hold each stretch for 10-20 seconds and push yourself a little further when you feel ready.

Let’s go





Three Peaks Challenge Prep 1

Our challenge takes place on the 24th April 2016 and to make sure we are ready we are going to post a number of prep sheets for your information. Although we will travel and start together everyone will walk at different rates and to stay together as a full group would be extremely difficult. For that reason we are going ask you to buddy up and pick someone or a few people you will look out for. We will also endeavour to give you enough information to make it round on your own, this is not a scare tactic it is prep so that we are all safe whatever happens on the day.

To start off with today we will show you the route and then talk a little about what equipment you will need and what to carry with you.

The route

Three-Peaks-Yorkshire map

As the name suggests we are aiming to walk or hike three peaks in one day (under 12 hours). The three peaks are: Pen-Y-Ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough situated in the Yorkshire Dales (Gods Own County – so they say).

Each has its own personality and challenges but together they are a formidable beast. This is going to give each one of us an amazing feeling of accomplishment not only from raising funds for the great cause that is the Alzheimers society but from completing a gruelling physical and mental challenge. Nothing worth doing is ever easy!!

You will need to know the route and be able to follow it in a guide book and/or on a map. If you cannot see the walkers in front you will need to know where to go so first things first get yourself a map or route guide. I will add some details of where to buy and prices soon. It is quite a busy popular route so no doubt we will see others on the way and be able to ask if we are unsure, but just in case learn it.

So as a walker what do you need?

Wicking base layer t-shirt
Thermal shirt or fleece jacket
Waterproof Jacket
Walking tousers or leggings
Waterproof overtrousers
Walking boots
Hat & Gloves
Walking socks

Wicking base layer t-shirt- this is a t shirt that wicks away sweat and heat, you can buy these from most walking shops and probably on amazon – they stop you overheating and when you do get sweaty they stop the moisture staying near your skin and cooling down later. (this is a base layer)

Thermal shirt or fleece jacket – this is your mid layer. the more ventilation options the better but a zip up or button up fleece (half way at least ) should be ok. This will give you warmth on a cold day – we are going in April – but also allow you to ventilate and cool down on the harder bits of the walk.

Waterproof Jacket – the outer shell – the best waterproof jacket you can afford the better – get some advice at your local walking shop but this layer will keep you dry on a wet day and stop the wind that can get quite harsh on the summit and higher levels.

Walking Trousers or leggings – Trousers are any slacks or bags designed for walking, leggings are such as Ron Hill or stretchy leggings – JEANS are NOT an option.

Waterproof Overtrousers – any kind of synthetic overtrousers that offer some protection are acceptable. If it rains all day you will be thankful for them.

Walking boots – Any kind of boots specifically designed for walking are suitable. Do some practice in them, do not use brand new boots on the three peaks challenge.

Hat & Gloves – it is worth a selection – it gets cold at the top and its important to keep your hands and head warm.

Walking Socks – take advice again on the best socks but ones that allow your feet to breath and avoid building up sweat are best.

3 peaks logo1

this is the profile of the peaks we will climb not necessarily in this order….


images profile






Wonder Woman

Remember the lady in the skimpy red and blue outfit with gold bracelets that could deflect bullets? Well we have another one in our midst.

Hannah Hallsworth who runs Phoenix Fitness and is a key member of Team Evo burst into the Strongman scene two weeks ago with an amazing performance at the Titanium Strength Gym, Sheffield. 

It was a snowy Sunday in Sheffield and Team Evo turned up in force to support PT Hannah in her first comp. the venue was great, the competition well organised and the atmosphere friendly and fun. A big well done to all involved it was a great advert for strength gyms and competitions. But back to the story…..

Hannah, never one to back down from a challenge, had been training for a few months to complete a log press 40kg ( for reps), yolk 165kg ( for distance), deadlift 100kg (for reps), static lift 8kg (for time) and atlas stones 40,50,60,70,80 (fastest time). A hefty challenge for anyone.

Hannah stormed through the events some of which she had not competed before at the same weight so each one was a personal best. 7 on log press – a different version than in the gym so adaptation needed from the start. 18m on a 165kg yolk she had not actually lifted before; 14? I think deadlift; static lift over 2 mins more than anyone else. In second place going in to the stones Hannah excelled even her own expectations and slammed those stones only two of them managed it and the other competitor is the second strongest woman in Britain.

On the podium in second place was  amazing. 

A brilliant performance and great support we are will so proud of Hannah and her commitment and dedication to whatever she chooses to do.

Well done Hannah.

Team Evo


Phoenix fitness are out of this world!!! A galaxy adventureĀ 

Thursday 6th Nov 12bootcampers (5competitors and 7 as support crew) from Phoenix Fitness hit the road to make their way to Miss Galaxy Universe in Crawley. After some very stressful journeys, we all arrived Thursday evening at the host hotel to register. The support crew went for a nandos while the competitors prepared for the day ahead… We weren’t at all jealous… Honest! 
Friday morning was final preparations for The Games… It started with the bleep test, moving into the 3in1 test (3minutes to accumulate as many reps as possible from press ups, squat thrusts and sit ups), next came box jumps (as many reps as possible in 1min), before moving onto the car pull and finishing with the 200m sprint. Pull ups were a bonus station we could jump on at any point.

Other than a slight wardrobe malfunction (Hannah nearly lost her leggings in the box jumps), all went smoothly until we got outside. It had been raining all day which made the grip for the car pull harder but by the time we got to the sprints it was hammering down with rain, the wind was blowing hard and we were all shattered and ready for it to be over with! Everyone dug deep and a gave it everything they had… Beth and Jenna won their heats and Helen (one of our support crew), really got caught up in the moment as she yelled, ‘Run Jenna, run with all your heart!’ At this point we all stopped cheering for Jenna to look blankly at Helen for a moment before bursting into fits of laughter! As the last of us finished, the atmosphere was euphoric… To say Hannah was proud of her girls was an understatement! 

There wasn’t much time to relax when we got back to the hotel… Eat, shower then straight in for stage tans… This was an interesting experience to say the least… 100 or so girls queuing up to be tanned – naked – before drying out in a room with about 8 other naked women – safe to say we all got to know each other a lot better that night! Also, FYI… The naked tan dance is a real thing!! 

Finally it was show day… There was no time for nerves as Steph and Hannah worked away at everyone’s hair and make up. Before we knew it we were there, all lined up ready to go on stage. Hannah, Jess and Steph were all in the beach body 18-32 category with ‘Sirens of the Sea’ theme, and Beth was in Miss Monroe category with ‘Hollywood’ theme. First was our bikini T Walk and then a quick change before going on again in our evening wear.



Hannah placed 5th in her category and Beth came 2nd in hers.

It was all over… Months and months of hard training and dieting had finally come to and end… Back to the hotel we went to celebrate with pizza! 

So what next?!?! Hannah is training for her first Strongwoman comp in January before they all take on the Silverstone Half Marathon in March. But… We’re all coming back next year; bigger, better, faster, stronger! And even more of the Phoenix Fitness crew will be joining us! Beth plans to compete as a Beach Body next time, Jess and Steph are working hard for their abs and Hannah might even make the leap to go for Fitness Model!

Phoenix Fitness to Conquer the Galaxy

Aiming for the stars; To Galaxy and beyond!  
On 6th & 7th November, five girls from Phoenix Fitness Bootcamps are set to compete at Miss Galaxy Universe. Dubbed GI Jane meets Miss World, the Galaxy Girls will take on a selection of gruelling fitness tests including the bleep test, track sprints, a car pull, and various plyometric & functional exercises like box jumps and press ups before taking to the stage for bikini and evening wear rounds.

Led by 26year old Hannah Hallsworth; personal trainer and Phoenix Fitness Bootcamps founder, the girls include 31year old Housing coordinator Jenna Burgess, 26year old Regulations & Policy Officer Jessica Grinsell, 29year old Trainer Assessor Stephanie Smith, and youngest of the group, 19year old student Bethany Walker. All of the girls have had their own personal battles and even taking on the challenge is a massive achievement.

 In preparation for The Games, the girls have been training together 3x per week alongside their own personal training. Leaving no stone unturned, the girls have trained for strength, speed and endurance. An important aspect of the process has included focusing on good nutrition in order to fuel them to perform their best whilst looking the best they can on stage.

Phoenix Fitness is a family. Part of Team Evo, we inspire the ordinary the push for the extraordinary. What better way to showcase that than a competition that empowers all women of different shapes and sizes to be fit & healthy and proud of what they can achieve?! 


Men in Leather at Evolution Gym

it can mean only one thing……. Sunday is bike day.

Making the most of the remnants of summertime of our Team Evo men met in the car park today for the obligatory Sunday bike ride. A trio of sexy machines accompanied by three men clad head to toe  in black leather.


Mid life crisis or just cool ? I’ll leave you to decide…..

A workout with us and some lifestyle planning means you can get in your leathers year after year. Come and join in and you too might end up with a motorbike, muscles  and sweaty bits šŸ˜œšŸ‘šŸ½

Extreme Nutrition Whey review by Rachael Hayes (DFAC Pro)

When doing any review firstly we need to establish what is the reason for using a product and what are the criteria we want it to meet. It’s only when we’ve done this that we can assess a product against it.

So whey protein powder, what am I looking for ?

Personally, I’m looking for an easy source of about 20gm of good protein, easily utilised, versatile options for mixing into other foodstuffs or easily mixed on its own and a pleasant taste. My main uses are in my in between meals especially if at work and in a meeting and/or when travelling, 

Carbs are usually quite work or travelling friendly but a smelly piece of fish or eggs can ruin the atmosphere at any meeting or in a confined train carriage.

So against my criteria how does extreme whey square up?


One scoop of extreme nutrition Whey provides 26.4 per 35gm serving

It also gives 2.02gm of fat and 2.78gm carbs (this is the milk chocolate others may vary). 

This means. Don’t have to worry too much as long as I almost fill the scoop


Extreme whey mixes well into cereal,  protein cake mixtures (to follow) and on its own.


I like the mix ability of this whey you don’t need a blender to make it drinkable it can be blended in a shaker  although in smoothie maker with ice and fruit it’s extra yum, strawberry is really fresh and light whereas milk chocolate is lush and a treat at any time.


All in all this product gives me just what I am looking for. I can also mix it with Extreme carbs for my post workout.