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The Hill

Half marathon number 2 in the bag. This one just under 1 hour 57 which is way beyond my expectations. On Sunday 10th April, Jon and I took part in the second Jayne Tomlinson Sheffeld half marathon. 13.1 miles of hard graft. The course goes through an urban stretch of the City then climbs into the beautiful Peak District before falling back to the City and the much awaited finish.

start line


Training has been minimal really with one short run (3-4 miles) mid week and one longer (8-10 miles) on a Sunday. Although I have done 10ks before this step up to the half marathon distance has been a challenge. 
For this race I had only once taken on the Hill – a nearly 4 mile slog from 200 to over 1000ft elevation along a Roman road that just seems to never end. On the trial run I clocked up 10-10.5 mins permits and felt like was flying. I felt light on my feet (after the hill) and full of running. The same could not be said on race day. I did not sleep the night before due to nerves and with the run being at 09.30 my uncooperative lower back had not warmed up fully. That said the first two miles were in the low 8s which is good for me and the hill was taken in at a 10 or below pace that I am very happy with.

 On the way down I managed two of my fastest miles ever at sub 8 mins and although the last mile and a half felt like scaling Everest I was really happy with my sub 2 hour time.

I think I may have been bitten by the running bug or at least the race bug. What a sense of achievement as soon as you cross the line the hardwork forgotten except for the aches and pains.

My supplementation for running differs only a little from my usual regime with a little more emphasis on Extreme Carbs which are a handy, easily mixed source of high quality carbohydrates essential for stamina and endurance. I start the day with a cereal Pro6 combo to aid my nutritional plan and aid a healthy diet aimed at maintaining a lean, toned physique. For its fat burning attributes I add in Extreme CLA and to provide that additional support

Through my training Extreme glutamine. 

course map

 For mental support and motivation there is nothing better than Evolution Gym, Sheffield. The gym is like a second home and offers excellent support snd guidance on whichever sport or activity you choose.

Team Evo

Next goal Yorkshire Three peaks Charity hike.


Silverstone Half Marathon

 Team Evo were on it once more taking on and completing the Silverstone Half Marathon. 13.1 miles.

In early March on a foggy morning Rachael, Jon and Hannah made their way to Silverstone home of the MotoGP and formula one. Joined by Hannah’s brother John (confusing) and pit crew Lee. It was cold and very foggy on arrival and all felt a little underdressed for the weather.

From the car park the walk to the start was about a mile past garages and businesses that all linked to Motorsport.

The start area was buzzing with stalls, snack vans and people, so many people…..

As the start time approached we left the congregation area and opted for the under two hours section. (A wishful thought but we felt we would stand more chance if running with others going at a two hour pace).

The start had markers indicating the time you were aiming for and we lined up by the 1 hr 58 board – pushing it but you have to aim high. At about 11 the sun came out and the day began to look up, maybe we would not freeze after all. 

Other signs said no peeing but some people obviously could not read – it gave us all a giggle before we began. 

As we waited the officials kept asking us to move forward and in the end we were next to the  1 hour 40 board now this was not even a joke – we swapped fears and agreed we could not keep up with the pace maker or other runners in this area.

In the distance the gun went off and we were underway – a jalk to the line (half jog half walk) and a beep of the timing chip on my shoe and I had begun my first half marathon. 

Even though we let the pacemaker run away from us we fair steamed through the first couple of miles. Each mile marker had a clock in it so timing was a breeze. At his early stage it just made me wonder if we had gone off too fast as we were in the low 8 mins for each mile which is much faster then my standard pace. A man bouncing two basketballs ran past and I was gobsmacked by his dexterity and fitness (I am in awe). As the race progressed we past this man a couple of times at the drinks stations when he had to stop but he soon caught us up again. 

We carried on through the miles Jon and I running together and able to set a pace for the other when we felt tired. We were passed and the rep assets other runners on numerous occasions. At the start I felt like everyone was running away from us but as we toiled through the miles we reeled a few back in. 

Although our pace slowed a little later in the race we kept all our miles in the low 9 mins or 8 and were on for a good time. Teaching 9 miles I doubted my stamina for another 4 with legs like lead I just concentrated on putting one in front of the other. Some people say they have good periods where running feels great – I did not have one of these it was hard all the way. I was shocked by how far apart the mile markers were and was certain on a couple of occasions that I had missed only to be disappointed when it appeared in the distance. Having only run 10k before the kilometre markers come round so much quicker.

The last two miles seemed the longest of the lot and the last one I did not think I could do in the 14 or so minutes I had got to break the 2 hour barrier. 

We both sprinted for the line and in keeping with tradition Jon beat me by 5 secs. We did the 13.1miles

In 1 hour 54 mins and about 50 seconds. Awesome and as soon as I had crossed the line the memories of hardship faded away and it was a brilliant experience. 

Hannah too broke the 2 hour barrier and John was only just over but for a first half marathon we all did amazingly well and were like cats that had got the cream.




Three Peaks Challenge Prep Pt 2

We covered clothing in the last prep blog now it’s equipment – you can probably borrow a lot of this stuff if you are not a frequent walker to save you buying something you won’t use.

Small Rucksack/Daysack

Any small rucksack up to about 30 litres volume should be good, you should all carry your own stuff in case you get separated from your friend etc. Organisation in the bag is important to keep things like waterproofs and drinks handy.

Head torch/batteries

We are planning on finishing before nightfall but you never know so we need to be prepared. Get a head torch and some extra batteries you can use them for all sorts of things after the walk.


This is a big orange bag that you can use as a waterproof shelter or to keep you warm should the need arise. It’s a survival item and about a fiver.

Personal first aid kit

basic first aid kit with scissors, safety pins, triangular banadage etc maybe include some headache tablets, water sterilising tablets etc again it’s a just in case.


We will cover this in more detail never the time but we are unlikely to stop for a picnic so food will need to be small nutritious items you enjoy.


Drinks are essential to stay hydrated throughout our walk, but it’s important we are fully hydrated before we set off. A small flask with a warm drink is a good idea or isotonic type beverages and water.


Whilst there are not any ships on the hills money is always a good idea. You may want to buy food or drink, pay for a taxi or hotel or just phone home.


When packing all your stuff in your rucksack give some thought to what you will use most often and pack this near the top. Pack items in a plastic bag if they have a chance of getting wet and / or are delicate. Carry more rather than less it is best to carry it round rather than not have it if you need it.

It’s half way though Feb so about 2 months to go – hope the training is going well.





Team Evo at the BNBF Midlands

The Team Evo and the BNBF Yorkshire crew combined took the BNBF Midlands by Storm.

The Team Evo babes bring glamour and pizazz to the gym on a daily basis and shone bright on show day.

  So proud of you guys, Lauren in her first show just 7 months after giving birth to he incredible Angel Rose is a beacon to all new mums showing what can be achieved; Emma in just her second year of competing has moved up to the next level, a self employed professional she inspires others to achieve; and Nicky moving from Figure to Physique shows that progression is available for all.
The whole team had a buzz from the last BNBF Yorkshire club to the stage. Some wobbles were had along the way but the triumph for everyone was that they made it and all looked amazing. The respective journeys were completed and solid performances given all round.

Take a look 

   Miss Physique – Nicky Rodgers 1st


Masters Figure

Jess Centro 1st, Debbie McLean 2nd



Rebako Rasul 4th



Marcus Lee, 1st


Phil Dean 3rd


Louis Smith 1st, Stephen McLean 2nd


Emma Ryder 3rd, Lauren Walker

Louis Smith, Best wheels

With Amie and Sinead representing the BNBF backstage crew

All ladies class winners and Louis with his Overall Men’s trophy

Well done to all the ladies and gents, the journey continues.

Finals time 2014

The end of the year draws nigh once more and the NPA finals have just been. That must mean Kelly has been on stage whoop whoop. 4th this year consistency is the key always in the placings.

Next step Miami, it’s time for Team Evo to venture across the pond to take on the rest of the World. Jon and Rachael are back on stage in the Pro Masters and Pro Athletic respectively. Kelly takes on the Pro ranks for the first time in Women’s bodybuilding. Louis Smith takes on the amateur men’s open class with a chance of a World Title and Pro Card and elder statesman Lloyd Stewart takes on the Amateur Masters defending last years title.

The Drug Free Athletes Coalition is in it’s third year in the JLK convention center in downtown Miami and has almost doubled in size this year. Going for strength to strength the DFAC has a bright future. The ethos is to bring the sport back into natural bodybuilding and celebrate the value and standard off the Amateur ranks. As all who compete with the BNBF will know the initial aspiration is to do well at your qualifier, then to step on the British stage and for a select few an invite to the Worlds. Each of these levels is an amazing achievement in itself, getting in the trophies at a qualifier is no mean feat and I can vouch for fact it can takes years of dedication and commitment to move up the ranks. Each step up is a learning curve and builds the database of experience and knowledge that you need as a professional.

As an invite only Amateur World Championships the DFAC is the creme de la creme and a pro card earned here is the one to have for now and for the future.

The pro ranks too are being differentiated as some of the newest pros in their infancy of competing are not competitive against the top few, thus an elite class is planned for class and title winners. This will provide progression for all athletes with goals for us all to strive for keeping the sport lean, competitive and exciting. Go DFAC ground-breaking.

Most of all though go Team Evo…….





2013 – an adventure

As we move into 2013 the adventure begins. What will the year hold for us all, ups and downs guaranteed I’m sure. The one thing we can control is our approach to the year, we can take it by the horns and like a pro bull rider hold on for the duration resulting in a tremendous ride no matter how long. So let’s do this thing.

Evolution Gym had an amazing year last year, our awesome members out did themselves with competing, achieving personal goals and supporting each other. Again this year they are off to a great start with personal goals set and step by step plans being developed.

A number of members extended their families last year becoming parents either for the first time or more, a big congratulations to everyone, welcome to the new young people and ace to see you all working hard in the gym to keep fit enough to keep up with the juniors……

The Olympics, jubilee, Tour de France and Ryder cup amongst other events spurred us all into action, proud to be British like no time in my life to date we found a new patriotic pride and desire to belong to Great Britain. Even without these events we are a great people and we should believe in ourselves. 2013 is no different and I am proud to be British, proud of Evolution gym and proud of all our abilities. The legacy continues…….

There were some amazing results last year,

Dan Shirt qualified for the Natural British Strongman Final.

Team Evo Strongman

Kelly Freeman took the stage by storm in the NPA, BNBF and NABBA – crowned British Heavyweight Champion with the NPA and European Champ was amazing and in NABBA winning the qualifier, finishing 2nd at the British and 6th in Universe was great.

Emma Dodds took to the stage for the first time and created a niche, with a move we named the Dodds she created elegant shapes and showed off her physique beautifully.

Mick Green third in NABBA Central over 50s – a great show of consistency year on year and a great physique.

Russ Gayle focussed and moved to the next level winning the Novice Britain Tall Class qualifying for the British Finals 2013.

Rob Cowlishaw first time on stage was a professional presentation demonstrating great gains and condition.

Duncan the strongman competed in a British qualifier with some great results and experience to build on for 2013.

Chris Richards, the pocket rocket, hit great condition and took to the BNBF stage at the British Finals in great shape an excellent year and great promise for the future.

Nicky Rodgers in her second year of competing made excellent gains and improvements and looked natural on stage, a great base for the future the princess is coming of age.

The BNBF clubs built up in success and fun with loads of great results and a real community feel. 2013 will take the club to the next level and hopefully help many more people to achieve their competing goals.

Karl ‘Bomber’ Harris took to the roads and took the TT by the proverbials – great lap times and a great rookie TT we are most proud of him taking the best ass in the TT award…. it takes good training to create a great ass. Back in the British Superbikes the work with Jon on nutrition and endurance paid off with numerous top ten finishes the season cut short only by a freak accident. 2013 will see Karl back on the roads and looking for BSB success.


Jon in his pro debut with the Drug Free Athletes Coalition (DFAC) took 4th place in the World Championships agains the strongest field of natural masters ever assembled.

Jon and Rachael DFAC Worlds

And finally, in a new class, Athletic, Rachael took both the Universe and World titles with the Drug Free Athletes Coalition. Along with Jon she judged a number of BNBF qualifiers and hosted the BNBF British Finals. She took an active role in the inaugural year of the DFAC, being head judge at the first DFAC show ever and doing the first US Guest Spot for a British natural athlete at the Ormond Beach DFAC qualifier in October. Both Jon and Rachael are Extreme Nutrition Sponsored Athletes, this continued support helped fuel them to last year’s wins.

Extreme supplements continue to form the solid foundation on which we build our nutritional success. Ask for more information about post workout shakes and other supplements that can help you move to the next level.

Jon and Rachael are planning new ideas for the gym all the time, new workouts and challenges for us all that we can all work towards. Watch this space as they share those plans and ideas.

Welcome to 2013 let’s make it a good one………

NPA British Finals 2012 – New Heavyweight British Champion

Today is the NPA British Finals 2012 and after a year of hard work and competition Kelly Freeman has weighed in as a heavyweight and is going for gold.

Kelly has three competitions in three weeks, this one, then NABBA Trained Figure Universe and then the NABBA UK. Not one to shirk hard work she will take this in her stride but it will be hard maintaining condition at then highest levels over three weeks. Kelly has the mental focus and wherewithal to get this job done.

I am waiting to find out what is happening at the NPA night show from our faithful reporters Ellie and Jon Clark shouldn’t be long now and then I will update. She had great call outs earlier today in the pre-judging so here’s hoping!

Kelly won the NPA Ladies Physique Heavyweight British title, well done British Champion knew you could do it. Extreme Nutrition are on a roll with their athletes this year….