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Team Evo at the BNBF Midlands

The Team Evo and the BNBF Yorkshire crew combined took the BNBF Midlands by Storm.

The Team Evo babes bring glamour and pizazz to the gym on a daily basis and shone bright on show day.

  So proud of you guys, Lauren in her first show just 7 months after giving birth to he incredible Angel Rose is a beacon to all new mums showing what can be achieved; Emma in just her second year of competing has moved up to the next level, a self employed professional she inspires others to achieve; and Nicky moving from Figure to Physique shows that progression is available for all.
The whole team had a buzz from the last BNBF Yorkshire club to the stage. Some wobbles were had along the way but the triumph for everyone was that they made it and all looked amazing. The respective journeys were completed and solid performances given all round.

Take a look 

   Miss Physique – Nicky Rodgers 1st


Masters Figure

Jess Centro 1st, Debbie McLean 2nd



Rebako Rasul 4th



Marcus Lee, 1st


Phil Dean 3rd


Louis Smith 1st, Stephen McLean 2nd


Emma Ryder 3rd, Lauren Walker

Louis Smith, Best wheels

With Amie and Sinead representing the BNBF backstage crew

All ladies class winners and Louis with his Overall Men’s trophy

Well done to all the ladies and gents, the journey continues.


Steve Howarth, Bodybuilder

Name: Steve Howarth

Age: 44

Location: Rotherham

Height: 6’

Weight: 91Kg (Comp weight) off season 98Kg

Chosen Sport: Competitive Bodybuilding

Sport/Competition History:

Lots of football, played at Barnsley as an apprentice, Halifax Town, Altingham, Witton in the old GM Vauxhall – all other sports, Volleyball, Rugby, Athletics, Tri-Athlon, Bodybuilding wise Current NPA British Champion, UKDFBA British Champion, UIBBN World Champion

Strongest Bodypart: Quads

Favourite Bodypart: Serratus

How did you get started?

Told to put on muscle when playing football as a teenager – quickly got hooked on the transformation

Can you described your training programme for us?

In – wham – bam – out J Moderately heavy, 6-10 rep range, no rest between sets.  I tend to change my workouts around continually, never letting the muscle adapt to the same stimulus.  I try and combine push pull movements so Back/Shoulders, Chest/Biceps, Legs/Triceps.  I train abbs every workout (off season) and do 10 mins cv as a cool down after every workout.  Coming up to a show I will split out each bodypart and train them individually – sliding in 6/7 sessions of cardio and pounding the streets early morning.

What are your thoughts on nutrition?

You are what you eat.  This is often the most over looked aspect of the sport along with sufficient rest.  Clean sources of carbs, proteins and fats, with minimal treats, will allow you to progress.  Abuse that principle and your body will show that neglect.  It is the hardest aspect of bodybuilding and requires real mind over matter – essentially it has to be a way of life and become the norm, to eat clean.  And without a specific goal – any diet will fail.

What supplements do you use? 

I am lucky enough to be sponsored by EQ Nutrition, so my main supplements are their all in one MM5, Nut Fudge Whey, BCAAs, ZMA, Vit C.  Supplements are exactly that – they are not meant to be meal replacements or the Holy Grail.  They are there to help and aid recovery and replenish lost nutrients that when you can’t get good clean solid food down.

What are your goals?

Stay healthy is the main one, be happy (always when training) and to retain the British and Worlds titles.  I want to look back in later life with my grandkids on my knee and be able to say “I was good at that” to have no regrets and take very opportunity that life throws at you.

What advice would you give to others?

There are no obstacles to stop you achieving, apart from your own self doubt.  Believe, set small incremental goals, keep motivated and keep pushing.

Who are your inspirations:

Funny all my hero’s were footballers, Kevin Keegan, Tony Currie, Glen Hoddle – I was never really into bodybuilding as such, so my bodybuilding hero’s are all naturals Nigel Davies, Andy Palmer, Rich Gozdecki and the man who runs this gym Jon Clark.  I also have huge respect and admire anybody who works their guts out to reach their goals.  It isn’t all about winning trophies; it is more about achieving your aspirations.

2011 BNBF Northern Championships

2011 BNBF Northern

On the 7th August 2011 a team of athletes from Evolution Gym took part in the British Natural Bodybuilding Federation Northern Championships held in Manchester. The atheletes invovled were:

Jon Clark, Phil Dean, Kelly Rennie, Nicky Rodgers, Matt Ward and Steve Howarth. Also taking part but in a very different sense was Rachael Hayes who is a judge for the BNBF and Pro Bodybuilder.

The event was outstanding as usual with great organisation and support, the team was well prepared and motivated and performed brilliantly with personal successes for all.

SDC10738Jon, won the BNBF Masters title and (not surprisingly) best poser – we could all have told them that hey??, Kelly and Steve came second in their events (Figure and Heavyweights) – all three getting an invite to the British Finals in Glasgow on 18th September.

Phil has made loads of gains since his last appearance on a bodybuilding stage and looked relaxed posing well. Matt also looking good, posing well. Nicky, well, “Princess Nicky” had also improved greatly in only her second competition with much more confidence than before. All the athletes gained valuable stage time that develops and hones the confidence and image that is all important in bodybuilding shows.