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Accelerate Sheffield – Brilliant guide to running in the snow


We are all feeling a little over full so now is the time to get back on it. I for one am nervous about running in snow, but here is a great guide to the dos and don’ts…….

Accelerate and in Attercliffe and have a great range of running gear including running shoes and give great advice. Friendly and informative give them a try……


Finals time 2014

The end of the year draws nigh once more and the NPA finals have just been. That must mean Kelly has been on stage whoop whoop. 4th this year consistency is the key always in the placings.

Next step Miami, it’s time for Team Evo to venture across the pond to take on the rest of the World. Jon and Rachael are back on stage in the Pro Masters and Pro Athletic respectively. Kelly takes on the Pro ranks for the first time in Women’s bodybuilding. Louis Smith takes on the amateur men’s open class with a chance of a World Title and Pro Card and elder statesman Lloyd Stewart takes on the Amateur Masters defending last years title.

The Drug Free Athletes Coalition is in it’s third year in the JLK convention center in downtown Miami and has almost doubled in size this year. Going for strength to strength the DFAC has a bright future. The ethos is to bring the sport back into natural bodybuilding and celebrate the value and standard off the Amateur ranks. As all who compete with the BNBF will know the initial aspiration is to do well at your qualifier, then to step on the British stage and for a select few an invite to the Worlds. Each of these levels is an amazing achievement in itself, getting in the trophies at a qualifier is no mean feat and I can vouch for fact it can takes years of dedication and commitment to move up the ranks. Each step up is a learning curve and builds the database of experience and knowledge that you need as a professional.

As an invite only Amateur World Championships the DFAC is the creme de la creme and a pro card earned here is the one to have for now and for the future.

The pro ranks too are being differentiated as some of the newest pros in their infancy of competing are not competitive against the top few, thus an elite class is planned for class and title winners. This will provide progression for all athletes with goals for us all to strive for keeping the sport lean, competitive and exciting. Go DFAC ground-breaking.

Most of all though go Team Evo…….





NPA British Finals 2012 – New Heavyweight British Champion

Today is the NPA British Finals 2012 and after a year of hard work and competition Kelly Freeman has weighed in as a heavyweight and is going for gold.

Kelly has three competitions in three weeks, this one, then NABBA Trained Figure Universe and then the NABBA UK. Not one to shirk hard work she will take this in her stride but it will be hard maintaining condition at then highest levels over three weeks. Kelly has the mental focus and wherewithal to get this job done.

I am waiting to find out what is happening at the NPA night show from our faithful reporters Ellie and Jon Clark shouldn’t be long now and then I will update. She had great call outs earlier today in the pre-judging so here’s hoping!

Kelly won the NPA Ladies Physique Heavyweight British title, well done British Champion knew you could do it. Extreme Nutrition are on a roll with their athletes this year….

September News – Team Evo

Lots of news since last post on the group so a bit of catching up for everyone.

Karl Harris
Karl went to Donnington fired up and raring to go. In practice he got side swiped by another rider and ended up with a fractured wrist and declared not race fit.

From then it was 14 days to Assen and his goal to ride was paramount. Jon worked hard on his race fitness to maintain his condition whilst he had treatment on the fracture.

Karl was in Assen this last weekend and completed the first race finishing in 18th, brilliant 14 days after a fracture. His wrist didn’t quite have the stamina for two races in one day on the circuit that required it to be in constant use, thus he pulled up in race two.

With the support of his PR Quattro Plant Kawasaki team he worked hard to provide feedback on the bike performance so that tweaks can be made for Silverstone.

Back with Jon he is now on track for Silverstone this weekend. Running round Rother Valley it’s game on for Team Evo.

On the 16th Sept the British Natural Bodybuilding Finals were held in Manchester. The biggest Natural competition ever in the UK with 120 competitors the standard was awesome.

Jon made his finals judging debut and Rachael hosted the show. More importantly Team Evo members competed fast months of hard work.

Kelly Freeman took second place in the Ladies Physique, this means she is now the top amateur ladies physique competitor in the UK BNBF as the winner was awarded her pro card. Invited to the Worlds Kelly has opted for the NABBA Universe a little closer to home and she also has the NPA British Finals at the end of October so watch this space.

Chris Richards, in his first year, put on an awesome display in the Novice Lightweight. After a great year of training and dieting hard he finished 5th in Britain – next year holds great promise for this little power house.

Emma Grzona competed in the ladies figure and strutted her stuff against some exceptional competition. Leaner than the qualifiers she has great shape and improves year on year. In her own individual style she strutted to 5th, great result.

In the over 60s, John Hodgson from Rotherham took 4th, 20 years after last competing Jon showed he still has it. Years of dedication to his training, cycling and healthy living paid off.

Well done to everyone who took part in the final and the qualifiers this year. Awesome performances and onward and upward.

Gemma Moore competed UKBFF Bikini in Leeds. After coming to the BNBF club then for some posing advice she pzazzed her way to a great 6 th place out of 14 top class girls. Gemma has trained really hard for this, created a great package, put the time in with the prep and we were honoured to be able to help her hit that stage in style,

Soon we have Emma Dodds competing in the NPA Mike Williams Classic, her first show.

Then Mick, Mirek (hope this is right), Russ and Rob in the Doncaster Open

More shows to follow but that’s enough for now.

Joins still helping our stuntman friends prepare for their various filming challenges. Good luck to Gary and Ash in their latest ventures.

Rachael jets off on Friday for her first Pro show in two years at the Drug Free Athletes Coalition Universe in New Jersey. In a new class it’s a learning process all over again.

Going to make this a monthly update. If you have any news we should get out to everyone let’s us know in the gym or on here.

Team Evo are Go.



Mother of 5 wins European Bodybuilding Championships

On Saturday 16th June, Kelly Freeman (of Aston Sheffield) won the UIBBN European Drug Free Bodybuilding Championships making her the European Ladies Physique Champion 2012.

Kelly won the Natural Physique Association (NPA) Yorkshire Championships in May this year and qualified to represent Britain in the NPA team. The team as a whole did well with three European Champions and one runner up.

This is Kelly’s fourth competition so far this year, with three wins and one reserve champion at the Natural Amateur Body Building Association ( NABBA) British Final this is a sign of her potential and bright future in her chosen sport of bodybuilding.

An inspirational story, Kelly first joined the gym after having her son 5 years ago. A mother of 5 she was determined to get into shape and through hard work and a positive approach she has gone from gym newbie to top British bodybuilder in 3 years.

Kelly joined Evolution Gym last year and has gone from strength to strength since joining Team Evolution, the gym team of competitors in a wide range of sports that boasts such names as Clinton Woods, former IBF World Boxing Champion, Karl Harris, TT and Superbike Rider and Brett Chapman, Sheffield Ice Hockey player. With trainer and gym owner, Jon Clark, Kelly has increased her lean muscle mass whilst shrinking down to size 8.

Kelly wants to inspire others and believes that her success shows that anyone can achieve what they want to if they have the focus, hard work, commitment and correct guidance.

She does not intend to rest on her laurels and after a very short relaxation (one nice meal) she is back on track for a number of other competitions this year. She has set her sights on the British Natural Bodybuilding Federation (BNBF) British Finals in September and, if all goes well, the Drug Free Athletes Coalition (DFAC) World Championships in Miami in November 2012.

 Competition History:

NABBA England 2010, 2nd place

NABBA BrItish FInals 2011, 4th place

NPA Mike Williams Classic 2011, 2nd place

NPA British Finals 2011, 3rd Place

NPA Yorkshire 2012, 1st Place

NABBA Northeast 2012, 1st Place

NABBA British Finals 2012, 2nd Place

UIBBN European Championships, 1st Place (European Champion)

Evolution Gym, Carley Drive, Westfield, Sheffield, S20 8NQ – 0114 2483249

Run by Jon Clark and Rachael Hayes, Professional Natural Bodybuilders for the DFAC and international bodybuilding judges.


Natural Bodybuilding: – The Natural Physique Association and British Natural Bodybuilding Federation are two drug free bodybuilding organisations in the UK. Each federation operates a programme of drug testing and polygraph testing in an attempt to ensure that all competitors compete on a level playing field of no performance enhancing drugs (including steriods) all results are achieved through hard work and basic supplementation available to anyone.


Kelly Freeman – Bodybuilder

Name: Kelly Freeman

Age: 31

LocatIon: SheffIeld

Height: 5 ft 2

WeIght: 8 stone 8 lb

Chosen Sport: BodybuIldIng

Sport/Competition History:

Nabba England 2010, 2nd place
Nabba BrItIsh FInals 2011, 4th place
Strongest Body part:Legs

Favourite Body part: Arms and back

How did you get started?

I started out to lose weight, I got to my goal but decided I wanted to look better, I saw my body toning  and want to take it to the next level to compete in bodybuilding.
Can you describe your training programme for us?
I train weights four times a week and cardio after every session, I may add extra cardio dependIng on how I look.
What are your thoughts on nutrition?
Nutrition is the key to success.
What supplements do you use?
Pro Elite proteIn powder, CNP carbohydrate powder, PHD 6 hr time release protein powder, udos oil.
What are your goals?
To compete at the highest level possible and to be the best I can and hopefully receive a sponsorship deal.
What advice would you give to others?
Work hard and anything is possible.
Who are your Inspirations?  Davana Medina  IFBB Figure Olympia champion.
Thanks Kelly, keep up the hard work and I am sure you will achieve your goals. Good luck with the NPA Mike Williams Classic.

Show updates – September 2011

Well done to Steve Howarth, Chris Chapman and Emma Grozna for the placings this weekend. Steve took the Ove 40s title, Chris 4th in the Middleweights and placed 5th in her very first competition!! Well done guys

Coming up on Sunday 2nd October is the NPA Mike Williams Classic – Pro Am. Emma will be there representing Team Evo in the Figure Class. While Kelly Freeman, the newest member of Team Evo and under Jon’s guidance will be stepping on stage in the Miss Physique category.

Kyle Hague’s physique is looking much improved from last year at the same competition and is looking to better his 4th placing. He is competing in the Novice Class.

Steve Howarth has an invite to the ProAm class and is capable of standing shoulder to shoulder with the top guys around. Steve has a good chance of being in the money.

Good luck to all!!!! Go TEAM EVO…..