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Busy weekend

Well this weekend is a busy one for Team Evo activity.  Competition season is underway for all sports. The gym is well represented at the Newcastle BNBF qualifier with Nicky in Physique and Lauren in Athletic. Go gals you rock it!!

Total Warrior on Saturday sees Jon, Rachael, Alex and the rest of the team pitting themselves against 30 obstacles and 8 miles of track. The mud should be mudtastic this year so beware of the lost shoes.

On Sunday resident mad lady Lizzie along with her mad friend Susan take on the round Sheffield run. These two are amazing athletes and slightly crazy so watch out Sheffield you are about to be beasted.
Let us know what you are up to and we will cover it in the blog. 

Watch this space for updates.
Happy weekend everyone. 


Team Evo at the BNBF Midlands

The Team Evo and the BNBF Yorkshire crew combined took the BNBF Midlands by Storm.

The Team Evo babes bring glamour and pizazz to the gym on a daily basis and shone bright on show day.

  So proud of you guys, Lauren in her first show just 7 months after giving birth to he incredible Angel Rose is a beacon to all new mums showing what can be achieved; Emma in just her second year of competing has moved up to the next level, a self employed professional she inspires others to achieve; and Nicky moving from Figure to Physique shows that progression is available for all.
The whole team had a buzz from the last BNBF Yorkshire club to the stage. Some wobbles were had along the way but the triumph for everyone was that they made it and all looked amazing. The respective journeys were completed and solid performances given all round.

Take a look 

   Miss Physique – Nicky Rodgers 1st


Masters Figure

Jess Centro 1st, Debbie McLean 2nd



Rebako Rasul 4th



Marcus Lee, 1st


Phil Dean 3rd


Louis Smith 1st, Stephen McLean 2nd


Emma Ryder 3rd, Lauren Walker

Louis Smith, Best wheels

With Amie and Sinead representing the BNBF backstage crew

All ladies class winners and Louis with his Overall Men’s trophy

Well done to all the ladies and gents, the journey continues.

Last BNBF Qualifier

Well Team Evo are prepping for the last qualifier of he year. Early start tomorrow it’s all hands on deck to help make the BNBF the professional setup it is.

Team BNBF already on the road from Perth and Amazoglaze on route…. Lots more volunteers from all four corners of the UK will descend and turn the splendiforous venue into a bodybuilding nivarna….

This year so far we have seen a number of placings and performances that make us so proud of all Team Evo and the BNBF Yorkshire clan….

Kevin, Paul, Adam, Emma, Nicky, Phil, Jordan, Louise, Louis, Emma, Chris and Chris (if I’ve missed anyone let me know – I’m in the middle of my cv and a bit scatty). Some we will see on the stage tomorrow, others at the British and some next year. It’s always busy at a competition gym with people at different stages of prep. It’s always busy at the BNBF with comps and clubs and planning for the future, no rest.

Jon and Rachael have been busy judging and hosting and Kelly has helped out behind the scenes and in front as the trophy girl at the midlands. So proud to be part of the volunteer team that runs our sport.


September News – Team Evo

Lots of news since last post on the group so a bit of catching up for everyone.

Karl Harris
Karl went to Donnington fired up and raring to go. In practice he got side swiped by another rider and ended up with a fractured wrist and declared not race fit.

From then it was 14 days to Assen and his goal to ride was paramount. Jon worked hard on his race fitness to maintain his condition whilst he had treatment on the fracture.

Karl was in Assen this last weekend and completed the first race finishing in 18th, brilliant 14 days after a fracture. His wrist didn’t quite have the stamina for two races in one day on the circuit that required it to be in constant use, thus he pulled up in race two.

With the support of his PR Quattro Plant Kawasaki team he worked hard to provide feedback on the bike performance so that tweaks can be made for Silverstone.

Back with Jon he is now on track for Silverstone this weekend. Running round Rother Valley it’s game on for Team Evo.

On the 16th Sept the British Natural Bodybuilding Finals were held in Manchester. The biggest Natural competition ever in the UK with 120 competitors the standard was awesome.

Jon made his finals judging debut and Rachael hosted the show. More importantly Team Evo members competed fast months of hard work.

Kelly Freeman took second place in the Ladies Physique, this means she is now the top amateur ladies physique competitor in the UK BNBF as the winner was awarded her pro card. Invited to the Worlds Kelly has opted for the NABBA Universe a little closer to home and she also has the NPA British Finals at the end of October so watch this space.

Chris Richards, in his first year, put on an awesome display in the Novice Lightweight. After a great year of training and dieting hard he finished 5th in Britain – next year holds great promise for this little power house.

Emma Grzona competed in the ladies figure and strutted her stuff against some exceptional competition. Leaner than the qualifiers she has great shape and improves year on year. In her own individual style she strutted to 5th, great result.

In the over 60s, John Hodgson from Rotherham took 4th, 20 years after last competing Jon showed he still has it. Years of dedication to his training, cycling and healthy living paid off.

Well done to everyone who took part in the final and the qualifiers this year. Awesome performances and onward and upward.

Gemma Moore competed UKBFF Bikini in Leeds. After coming to the BNBF club then for some posing advice she pzazzed her way to a great 6 th place out of 14 top class girls. Gemma has trained really hard for this, created a great package, put the time in with the prep and we were honoured to be able to help her hit that stage in style,

Soon we have Emma Dodds competing in the NPA Mike Williams Classic, her first show.

Then Mick, Mirek (hope this is right), Russ and Rob in the Doncaster Open

More shows to follow but that’s enough for now.

Joins still helping our stuntman friends prepare for their various filming challenges. Good luck to Gary and Ash in their latest ventures.

Rachael jets off on Friday for her first Pro show in two years at the Drug Free Athletes Coalition Universe in New Jersey. In a new class it’s a learning process all over again.

Going to make this a monthly update. If you have any news we should get out to everyone let’s us know in the gym or on here.

Team Evo are Go.



BNBF Yorkshire Club

The British Natural Bodybuilding Federation is a natural bodybuilding federation running a series of qualifying competitions for the British Final each year. In addition, to the goal of becoming British Championu, the BNBF offers a qualification for professional status earning a place to compete internationally for prize money. The BNBF is affiliated to DFAC a Drug Free Athletes Coalition. In its first year DFAC plans to stage professional competitions in the USA, Great Britain and maybe even Malaysia (not bad for its first year).

A BNBF competition is planned and organised with the athlete in mind. With no stone unturned all details are addressed. The lighting, music, running order, organisation on the day, backstage tanners and assistants, the level of information provided to all the athletes to help the day run smoothly, the organisation on stage, the MCing at night and some of the best trophies you have ever seen.

With a range of top quality sponsors the BNBF carries out a substantial regime of drug testing both at shows and out of show testing. CNP fund the testing and at the British Finals all athletes must pass a polygraph test as one of the criteria of taking part in the show. This concentration on ensuring drug free competitors makes the competitions as fair as they can be for all those taking part.

Unlike other bodybuilding organisations BNBF goes one step further and offers bodybuilding clubs in Scotland, London, Manchester and now YORKSHIRE (Evo Gym, Sheffield).

Jon Clark and Rachael Hayes are husband and wife BNBF Professionals and are starting the Yorkshire Club this year to cater for those located in this area who want to know more about competing or would like some advice and support from like minded people.

The clubs are run on a regular basis throughout the competition season and offer a chance for you to train with like minded people swapping notes, ideas, problems and gossip. In addition, as the season progresses more and more time is dedicated to posing practice – all important for that show day confidence and presence. Once the training and dieting is over the last thing left is to show your physique off to your best ability and practice, practice, practice of your posing is the tried and tested way of doing this.

Don’t know what tan to use, or where to buy a posing suit all these things can be discussed at the club.

Each club has a Facebook group or page.

click here for the BNBF Yorkshire Page

and here for the BNBF Yorkshire Group

The Yorkshire Club will be held at Evolution Gym, Carley Drive, Sheffield, S20 8NQ Tel: 0114 2483249

The gym is located on the pedestrian precinct – details of car parks in the area etc will be posted on the group and page. The cost of the Club is £4 per session whether you train or not this covers the use of the gym. It will start at 11am and after a training session the aerobics room will be used for a question and answer session and some posing practice.

If you have any questions either use Facebook or ring the gym.

BNBF British Team in Washington

Well here we are in Washington DC, USA as part of the Great Britain BNBF Team 2011. Tomorrow is the Yorton Cup with 67 pro competitors and over 100 amateurs.

As a judge for this excellent competition I feel like tomorrow will be one of the hardest days of my judging career. A wide range of excellent physiques with judging starting at 8am. I know that my decision making will directly affect each athlete stood on the stage and the pressure is immense, I will do my best.

The waiting is nearly over for the BNBF team. The tan is being applied as I type and as the last link in the chain they will all start to appreciate the reality of the test ahead.

The carbs have started to take effect and the travelling zombies of Wednesday are starting to emerge from their slumber as energy fills their bodies and muscles start to feel hard and full.

Jon is ready, his tan is being applied and once darker he will feel more prepared. It was the last piece in the jigsaw and the last thing to wait for. When tanned the game can commence whenever. Food is prepared for today and the sun is shining.

Messages from home are really appreciated and bolster up those moments when motivation wains due to the waiting. Waiting is frustrating for all.

Back at home Kelly Freeman is preparing for the NABBA Universe also on Saturday and experiencing all the same emotions and waiting. Good luck Kelly from all at the gym.



BNBF British Finals 2011

One Week to Go!!!! BNBF British Finals 2011, Glasgow

Our own Jon Clark and Kelly Rennie are on countdown to the BNBF British Finals in Glasgow at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre, SECC.

Kelly Rennie

The last week is always the hardest keeping your head whilst trying to fine tune your diet. Kelly is in her second year of competition and second time at the BNBF British Finals. You may have seen her recently in Muscle & Fitness Magazine where she has had a 7 page spread detailing her rapid rise up the ranks in the fitness world. Kelly is a dedicated individual with clear goals and her current goal is the BNBF 2011 British Figure Champion.


Jon Clark has moved into the Masters class this year with the arrival of his 40th year. A consistent top level bodybuilder this is a comeback year. Taking two years off to concentrate on developing his gyms he is back and on the championship trail. In August he was crowned BNBF Northern Champion at the Manchester competition. Jon helps train a number of top level competitors including Kelly and is a wealth of advice and knowledge. That said, the last week is no easier for him than for any other competitor.

The pinnacle of the BNBF competition calendar the British Finals are a spectacle with an exceptional level of competitor and the British Men’s Professional Competition. This year will see at least one competitor from the USA to compete against the British Pros. This is a great step forward to making the pro aspect of the British Finals a truly international competition.

All the judges for the BNBF have a track record of excellence in bodybuilding either professional or top class bodybuilders or industry experts. As always the competition runs with the athlete and supporter in mind, I am sure if you make the effort to attend you will love it and be bitten by the bug.

Good luck to all competitiors but extra focus on Jon Clark and Kelly Rennie – good luck guys!!!!