Superhero League Table Feb 2017

So we are 2 challenges in to our superhero search and the results are in. In the yellow jersey positions so far are Adam Walker for the boys with 20 points and for the girls its Nichola Fuller on 17 points. The first two challenges have been the fastest 1000m row and then the longest plank.  March sees us move into the realms of strength and endurance with bench your bodyweight for the boys and bench 75% your bodyweight for the girls. The numbers are looking good, keep your eye on facebook and the blog to find out the results.

Male Superhero Position Score to date Female Superhero Position Score to date
Adam 1st 20 Nichola F 1st 17
Rob 2nd 17 Jess 2nd 15
Lee A 3rd 14 Emma R 3rd 14
Mark A 4th 12 Lizzie 3rd 14
Matt 5th 9 Jenna 4th 12
Buster 6th 7 Sharon 5th 10
Yorkie 7th 6 Louise 6th 6
Alex 8th 5 Tara 6th 6
Shaun 9th 4 Nicole 7th 5
Tommo 9th 4 Steph 7th 5
Nick S 10th 3 Libby 8th 4
Gareth 2 Emma J 8th 4
James 2 Lizzie (BC) 9th 3
Martin 1 Kita 10th 1
Lee Coddy 1



Search for a Superhero

It’s true that our members are amazing and achieve such great things daily. However, over a little drink at Christmas we were wondering who is the best all round performer? We have experts in their own field but who is the general fitness champ.

We decided to start a search for our female and male superheros. 12 events over 12 months over a wide variety of disciplines.

January started with a 1000m row on the concept 2 towers. Lots of us have neglected this piece of equipment for quite a while and the machine bed have sat quietly in the coroner of the cardio room waiting for us to return.

Well return we did and wow what an exercise – I put everything into my row and it took everything with a giggle leaving me drained, oxygenless, burning quads and triceps and biceps on the edge of exploding. I loved it and I will be back.

Lots of members took part with the top 10 of each gender getting points. 

Our January rowing Champs were Nichola Fuller and Adam Walker who blew us all away with amazing times!! 

They are our first 10 point winners towards our annual Superhero titles but will they be able to maintain the lead only time will tell.

Watch this space.

Christmas comes to Evolution

Its that time of year again when the tough keep going and the eager get started. Whichever you are Evolution has got what you need. Whether a general trainer or elite athlete Jon Clark and Rachael Hayes can offer you support and advice second to none. Joined in 2016 by Hannah Hallsworth the team is ready to take you into 2017.

Try us out or save yourself money by getting a 3 month membership early in January 2017.

If you have not been before try us out by claiming your week free in January 2017. Simply come into the gym and quote FREET17 or call on 0114 2483249 and have a chat before you come.


We will be running induction sessions so watch this blog or Facebook for details if you need a little extra support when starting out.

If you join after your trial we will forego the joining fee so you save £20.00.


Already a member or know you want to go for it?

Get three consecutive months for £75.00 normally £90.00, join in a one off payment in the first two weeks of January and get three months at this not to be missed price.

This offer is open to all, existing and new  members. Jump in now!!!!


Evolution Gym, 1 Carley Drive, Westfield, S20 8 NQ. Tel 0114 2483249 or email

Great Evo Bakeoff 2016

After a very successful first year, where the cakes were so good there were accusations of cheating and suggestions that cakes were bought (back handed compliments in a way), we embarked on year 2.

The brief was showstoppers, a little more than a cake yet the all important BAKE was still the basis. After a slow start and reticence to show their hand we had 7 entries. All the entries were brilliant and brought gasps of awe and wonder from bakers and members alike.

A brief interlude to remember why we were doing this…… Not only was it fun but it was a great way to raise money for Children in Need. There are many people (children) less fortunate than us and our children and CinN is a great time to spare them a thought and do what we can to help others in a time of need. 

Back to the Bake….

All seven entries were outstanding and our chosen judges for the day were Kerry “Mary Berry” Talbot and Mark “Paul Hollywood” Davis. Following fine slicing by our very own JC they tasted and compared all the cakes. They marked for look, bake quality, taste, overall impression (it’s right professional it is). 

We had……

Cat in the Hat with Thing 1 (Jon)

Death by chocolate fort (Dan)

Strongman Surprise (Emma)

Gluten Free Gingerbread castle (Kelly)

OMG it’s a voyage of adventure (Hannah)

Self portrait Dragon (Rachael)

Evolution Gym (Fairweather Family)

So on a crowded

Friday night in November the gathered crowds waited patiently for the judging to be concluded. Everyone had their own winner but who would be chosen…….

Before the judging was over the cakes had started to disappear and the morning for Children in Need rolled in.

So which one won?…..

Come on judges who did it?……

And the Winner is …….

The Fairweather Family with Evolution Gym and 9 hour construction of epic proportions that tasted as good as it looked. 

Big well done to our 2016 Master Bakers.

The runner up was the gluten free Christmas Castle. Kelly baked this amazing cake and she converted a few folk that night that hadn’t thought gluten free could taste so good. Well done. 

The most important thing was the money and together Evokution Gym raised just over £150 for Children in Need.

Roll on next year. 

Busy weekend

Well this weekend is a busy one for Team Evo activity.  Competition season is underway for all sports. The gym is well represented at the Newcastle BNBF qualifier with Nicky in Physique and Lauren in Athletic. Go gals you rock it!!

Total Warrior on Saturday sees Jon, Rachael, Alex and the rest of the team pitting themselves against 30 obstacles and 8 miles of track. The mud should be mudtastic this year so beware of the lost shoes.

On Sunday resident mad lady Lizzie along with her mad friend Susan take on the round Sheffield run. These two are amazing athletes and slightly crazy so watch out Sheffield you are about to be beasted.
Let us know what you are up to and we will cover it in the blog. 

Watch this space for updates.
Happy weekend everyone. 

The Hill

Half marathon number 2 in the bag. This one just under 1 hour 57 which is way beyond my expectations. On Sunday 10th April, Jon and I took part in the second Jayne Tomlinson Sheffeld half marathon. 13.1 miles of hard graft. The course goes through an urban stretch of the City then climbs into the beautiful Peak District before falling back to the City and the much awaited finish.

start line


Training has been minimal really with one short run (3-4 miles) mid week and one longer (8-10 miles) on a Sunday. Although I have done 10ks before this step up to the half marathon distance has been a challenge. 
For this race I had only once taken on the Hill – a nearly 4 mile slog from 200 to over 1000ft elevation along a Roman road that just seems to never end. On the trial run I clocked up 10-10.5 mins permits and felt like was flying. I felt light on my feet (after the hill) and full of running. The same could not be said on race day. I did not sleep the night before due to nerves and with the run being at 09.30 my uncooperative lower back had not warmed up fully. That said the first two miles were in the low 8s which is good for me and the hill was taken in at a 10 or below pace that I am very happy with.

 On the way down I managed two of my fastest miles ever at sub 8 mins and although the last mile and a half felt like scaling Everest I was really happy with my sub 2 hour time.

I think I may have been bitten by the running bug or at least the race bug. What a sense of achievement as soon as you cross the line the hardwork forgotten except for the aches and pains.

My supplementation for running differs only a little from my usual regime with a little more emphasis on Extreme Carbs which are a handy, easily mixed source of high quality carbohydrates essential for stamina and endurance. I start the day with a cereal Pro6 combo to aid my nutritional plan and aid a healthy diet aimed at maintaining a lean, toned physique. For its fat burning attributes I add in Extreme CLA and to provide that additional support

Through my training Extreme glutamine. 

course map

 For mental support and motivation there is nothing better than Evolution Gym, Sheffield. The gym is like a second home and offers excellent support snd guidance on whichever sport or activity you choose.

Team Evo

Next goal Yorkshire Three peaks Charity hike.

Countdown to the hill

So the advertising days, Get over it, it’s just a hill!!!! Well tomorrow will see if I can do it.

The Sheffield half marathon, part of the Jayne Tomlinson series, is set to be an amazing event. It’s the second year in this route and the first time I’ve done it. 

I’m new to half marathons. I’ve done one – Silverstone and am feeling a little trepidation. 

Two runs per week one between 2-5 miles and one 8-10 has been my prep. Coupled with my usual activity I feel ready. 

My nutrition has been based around extreme nutrition supplement range with my usual Pro6 protein and Build n Recover post workout. For this I have added Extreme Carbs and glutamine for extra support. 

Carbing up a little for tomorrow, wish me luck 😜🏃🏃👍