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Wonder Woman

Remember the lady in the skimpy red and blue outfit with gold bracelets that could deflect bullets? Well we have another one in our midst.

Hannah Hallsworth who runs Phoenix Fitness and is a key member of Team Evo burst into the Strongman scene two weeks ago with an amazing performance at the Titanium Strength Gym, Sheffield. 

It was a snowy Sunday in Sheffield and Team Evo turned up in force to support PT Hannah in her first comp. the venue was great, the competition well organised and the atmosphere friendly and fun. A big well done to all involved it was a great advert for strength gyms and competitions. But back to the story…..

Hannah, never one to back down from a challenge, had been training for a few months to complete a log press 40kg ( for reps), yolk 165kg ( for distance), deadlift 100kg (for reps), static lift 8kg (for time) and atlas stones 40,50,60,70,80 (fastest time). A hefty challenge for anyone.

Hannah stormed through the events some of which she had not competed before at the same weight so each one was a personal best. 7 on log press – a different version than in the gym so adaptation needed from the start. 18m on a 165kg yolk she had not actually lifted before; 14? I think deadlift; static lift over 2 mins more than anyone else. In second place going in to the stones Hannah excelled even her own expectations and slammed those stones only two of them managed it and the other competitor is the second strongest woman in Britain.

On the podium in second place was  amazing. 

A brilliant performance and great support we are will so proud of Hannah and her commitment and dedication to whatever she chooses to do.

Well done Hannah.

Team Evo



Evolution gym 2013 – competition blog

The achievements of Team EVO, Credit to the Competitors and all those who supported, trained with them throughout the year.

NPA Yorkshire, May 2013
Steve Howarth Pro Am 5th Place
Kelly Freeman Ladies Physique 1st Place

NABBA NORTH East May 2013
Mick Green o/50s
Steve Howarth o/40s 4th Place
Dean Hall o/40s 2nd Place
Andy Breen O/40s
Russ Gale U/21’s 2ND Place

Lee Parkes & Jordan Mitchell

NABBA BRITISH Final May 2013
Dean Hall O/40s
Russ Gale Novice
Kelly Freeman Trained Figure 2nd Place

ISLE OF MAN TT Races May/June 2013
Karl ‘BOMBER’ Harris

Miss Galaxy Universe June 2013
Emma Ryder, Diva

Adam Saltfleet 2nd place

BNBF Midlands July 2013
Phil Dean, MiddleWeights
Kelly Freeman Ladies Physique 1st Place
Chris Richards, lightweights 1st place
Chris Wright, Novice Heavyweight
Nichola Rodgers, Miss Figure 3RD Place
Jordan Dean, Teens

BNBF Northern August 2013
Phil Dean, MiddleWeights
Chris Richards, lightweights 4th place
Chris Wright, Novice Heavyweight
Nichola Rodgers. Miss Figure
Jordan Dean, Teens

BNBF British Final September 2013
Steve Howarth, O/40s 1st Place
Kelly Freeman Ladies Physique 1st Place
Chris Richards, lightweights

NABBA Universe October 2013
Kelly Freeman Trained Figure unplaced

NABBA UK October 2013
Kelly Freeman Trained Figure 2nd Place
Linda Taylor Trained Figure unplaced

Miss Galaxy Universe June 2013
Emma Ryder, Diva
Hannah Holdsworth, Bikini
Donna Pearson, Bikini

NPA British Final October 2013
Kelly Freeman Ladies Physique 1st Place

Adam Saltfleet 4th place

Kelly Freeman Amateur Ladies Physique 1st Place
Steve Howarth Pro Masters 2nd Place
Jon Clark Pro Masters 4th Place

Kelly Freeman Ladies Physique 3rd Place

2013 has been a very productive year on the competition front for Team EVO, with competitors hitting the stage , track or atlas stones with some great results.

21 competitors in total, returning 7 x 1st places, 7 x 2nd places, 2 x 3rds and 3 x 4th places in 18 different competitions.
Rachael Hayes, owner of evolution gym, continued on from the double success of DFAC Universe and World Champion 2012 by becoming heavily involved in the running of the DFAC world championship, held in Miami, while racking up the air miles with the DFAC team judging across the globe to ensure the world of natural bodybuilding has a future, evo is proud to be involved at such an integral level.

All achievements are worthy of mention but none more so than that of Jordan Dean. Jordan deals with the issues Cerebral Palsy throws at him on a daily basis and then to undertake the training and nutritional regime it takes to step onto a bodybuilding stage is just inspirational, and this is just the start, look out for more of Jordan in 2014.

2013 has been another amazing year for Kelly Freeman, again juggling the rigours of being a mum of 3, she undertook 9 competitions this year, resulting in 2 x regional titles, 2 x British Titles and 1 x WORLD title with the offer of the very coveted Pro Card. While placing 2nd in a third British level comp , 3rd in a further World Championship and to be up there in the NABBA universe too!!! Watch out for lots more of Kelly next year, will 2014 see her make her Pro Debut??

Steve Howarth won the BNBF British title and the Masters Pro Card that goes with it , Steve went on to place 2nd in his Pro debut in the DFAC World championships in Miami.

Jon Clark, Owner of Evolution Gym, has a helping hand in most if not all achievements this year and went onto compete in the DFAC PRO Masters WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in Miami, placing 4th in a top pro line up.

Dean Hall and Russ Gale making the British Championship debut this year shows they can mix it with the best the country has to offer.
Chris Richards, Phil Dean, Mick Green, Linda Taylor and Nichola Rodgers made a great return to the competition stage all bettering their previous showing, with Chris and Nichola bringing home their first trophies.

Chris Wright and Andy Breen both did themselves and the gym proud with their first year of competing, it certainly wont be their last.
Evo’s first step into the world of Miss Galaxy Universe went down a storm with our own Galaxy Girls Emma Ryder, Hannah Holdsworth and Donna Pearson. Although finishing out of the places all out performed their expectations in the fitness tests and again did themselves and the gym proud. Look out for Emma on the Miss Galaxy Universe 2014 Calendar, what an honor to be selected as one of the 12!! Well done Emma.

Evo’s Strongman team started its year with Lee Parkes and Jordan Mitchell pairing up to compete jointly, flipping 350kg earth movers tyres and vast log lifts together in the northern qualifier, both lifted personal bests and came away from the new discipline exhausted but happy.

Adam Saltfleet has kept the pressure on consistently throughout the year, at under 90kg himself, he thinks nothing of flipping 350kg tyres, lifting 150kg atlas stones and walking with the 130kg farmers walk weights. All just everyday training for Adam. Adam qualified for his first British final and finished a more than respectable 4th place. Awesome.

Karl ‘Bomber’ Harris had evo out with him at this years Isle of Man TT races, and throughout the British SuperBike season, after not just surviving but walking away relatively unscathed from a 170 mph crash at thruxton in the early part of the season, Karl is certainly made of tough stuff. Karl came back an achieved some personal best laps at the TT. Watch out for Karl again in the 2014 season.

Evo takes great pride in all its members and all their achievements no matter how big or small, the contribution of training partners, friends and other members all go to create the atmosphere in which we enjoy success and cannot be understated. A worthy note to end on is the dedication and determination of Alan Jubb, Alan came to evo weighing in at 28 stone in the middle of 2011, 18 month on and Alan is now loving his new self, weighing in at 17 stone!!!

Anything is possible, we have just got to dream big, bring on 2014.












NABBA Northeast 11th May 2013

Tomorrow sees the first bodybuilding show of the year with Team Evo hitting the NABBA Northeast in Batley.

This year it’s an all male affair from the gym with Kelly holding out for the Britain following her broken wrist earlier in the year. But, you will not be disappointed.

This year sees a return to the stage for Dean Hall, looking good, hard, full and mahooosive. Next is our very own Mick Green, improving year on year this is no exception in the over 50s he is at the opposite end of the scale to Russ who is back and on for the Britain with Kelly in a few weeks looking good. Andy Breen looking good too and Steve Howarth.

As Rachael is in the states judging we are dependant upon Jon for updates and pictures so fingers crossed all round.

Over 40’s Dean 2nd, steve 5th, andy unplaced

Over 50’s, mick 4th

Toughest line up ever so good places, dean got invite to britain !! 😉

NPA British Finals 2012 – New Heavyweight British Champion

Today is the NPA British Finals 2012 and after a year of hard work and competition Kelly Freeman has weighed in as a heavyweight and is going for gold.

Kelly has three competitions in three weeks, this one, then NABBA Trained Figure Universe and then the NABBA UK. Not one to shirk hard work she will take this in her stride but it will be hard maintaining condition at then highest levels over three weeks. Kelly has the mental focus and wherewithal to get this job done.

I am waiting to find out what is happening at the NPA night show from our faithful reporters Ellie and Jon Clark shouldn’t be long now and then I will update. She had great call outs earlier today in the pre-judging so here’s hoping!

Kelly won the NPA Ladies Physique Heavyweight British title, well done British Champion knew you could do it. Extreme Nutrition are on a roll with their athletes this year….

Naturally a Strongman

Dan Shirt is naturally a strongman, this week he talks to us about his gym history and recent strongman success.


Dan is 29 years old and lives with his partner, Lauren and two kids. Travis 4 and Tate 11 months.

Tell us about your Gym History:

I started training at Evolution Gym 6 years ago and have received massive support from owners, Jon Clark and Rachael Hayes, over the years. The gym has become like a second home and family. The atmosphere and lads and lasses who train there are very supportive of each other.

I started off training to lose weight and get fit but as I got to know Jon encouraged me to begin bodybuilding and put me on the right path with nutrition and training. Support is what Jon does for everyone who trains at the gym and are interested in listening to his advice and taking it on board. He has all the time in the world for people even though he leads a more hectic life than anyone I know.

I soon realised bodybuilding was probably not the best thing for me as I don’t see to be able to stick to the strict diet that is needed to accomplish the results necessary to get on stage. However, strongman is a lot more up my street. Although you still need to follow a certain nutrition plan, which Jon was more than happy to help with once again – it is not as strict and a lot easier to stick to.

So, I started to change my training to a more strongman style which is when I met my training partner Lee Parks who organises all my training sessions and pushes me through them with no mercy. He is ex-Army so you get no sympathy, which is what is needed in strongman.

Lee is also the one who finds all the competitions for me to enter via Sugden Barbell website, which has all the information about upcoming shows. It has strongman profiles which include personal bests of other competitors and information about placings in any competitions they have entered.

The first competition I entered was UK Strongman North Open. It was nerve wracking but a great eye opener. I came 17th out of 30 men – not bad for a first attempt, it was a great learning experience.

Next came Yorkshire’s Strongest Man open. I came 12th out of 20 men, again learning.

I have recently decided to compete in Natural Only srongman as I do not use any performance enhancing drugs and have just competed in Britain’s Natural Strongest Man. This was in County Durham and hosted by Jack Lovett at the Spartan Strongman Gym.

It was the best competition I have ever done and due to a lot of hard training and amazing support from Jon Clark, Lee Parks and Team Evolution I came second and am now training for the Britain’s Natural Strongest Man Final which will be held at Paradise Wildlife Park, Hertfordshire.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jon Clark, Rachael Hayes of Evolution gym and also a big thanks to Lee Parks for pushing me through some brutal workouts.



Team Evo

This page is dedicated to our Team Evo sponsored athletes.

The QR codes will take you to more information/websites.

Karl “Bomber” Harris – Super bike rider

photoKarl Harris (born on October 21, 1979 in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England) is a professional motorcycle road racer. He is a three-time former British Supersport champion and rides for the Splitlath team.

Karl has presented Jon with an excellent photo of him parting company with the ground on his superbike, look out for it on the gym wall.

For more information about Karl scan this QR code                              

Clinton Woods – Professional Boxer

WoodsPA3009_468x527Clinton Woods has been a long time member of Evolution Gym. Our own Jon Clark taking the role of personal strength coach and nutritional advisor during his boxing career.

Clinton Woods (born 1 May 1972), is a boxer from Sheffield, England. Growing up in tough surrounding he is a former IBF Light Heavyweight World champion. He has also fought for the WBC light heavyweight title and has held the British, Commonwealth and European titles.

Brett Chapman – Ice Hockey Player

Brett Chapman plays for the Sheffield Senators Ice Hockey Team. Brett is a well experienced veteran of the team. He has played for many years and knows the game well. Brett is a strong character in the dressing room and speaks up at any given opportunity. He is a leader and will stand up for his team-mates when required. Brett is sponsored by Evolution Gym.

Brett was recently awarded the SENs Shield. The Sen’s shield passed from John-Henry to Brett for solid hits, good goal and convincing fight win!

The Sen’s shield is passed on player-to-player following each game.

Seen not as a ‘Man of the Match’ award, it is given to the worthy player for an individual event or part they have played that goes above and beyond for the team.

This is a special way the Sen’s recognise each other for those key contributions that can sometimes go missed in the grand scheme of a game of hockey.

Steve Howarth, Bodybuilder

Name: Steve Howarth

Age: 44

Location: Rotherham

Height: 6’

Weight: 91Kg (Comp weight) off season 98Kg

Chosen Sport: Competitive Bodybuilding

Sport/Competition History:

Lots of football, played at Barnsley as an apprentice, Halifax Town, Altingham, Witton in the old GM Vauxhall – all other sports, Volleyball, Rugby, Athletics, Tri-Athlon, Bodybuilding wise Current NPA British Champion, UKDFBA British Champion, UIBBN World Champion

Strongest Bodypart: Quads

Favourite Bodypart: Serratus

How did you get started?

Told to put on muscle when playing football as a teenager – quickly got hooked on the transformation

Can you described your training programme for us?

In – wham – bam – out J Moderately heavy, 6-10 rep range, no rest between sets.  I tend to change my workouts around continually, never letting the muscle adapt to the same stimulus.  I try and combine push pull movements so Back/Shoulders, Chest/Biceps, Legs/Triceps.  I train abbs every workout (off season) and do 10 mins cv as a cool down after every workout.  Coming up to a show I will split out each bodypart and train them individually – sliding in 6/7 sessions of cardio and pounding the streets early morning.

What are your thoughts on nutrition?

You are what you eat.  This is often the most over looked aspect of the sport along with sufficient rest.  Clean sources of carbs, proteins and fats, with minimal treats, will allow you to progress.  Abuse that principle and your body will show that neglect.  It is the hardest aspect of bodybuilding and requires real mind over matter – essentially it has to be a way of life and become the norm, to eat clean.  And without a specific goal – any diet will fail.

What supplements do you use? 

I am lucky enough to be sponsored by EQ Nutrition, so my main supplements are their all in one MM5, Nut Fudge Whey, BCAAs, ZMA, Vit C.  Supplements are exactly that – they are not meant to be meal replacements or the Holy Grail.  They are there to help and aid recovery and replenish lost nutrients that when you can’t get good clean solid food down.

What are your goals?

Stay healthy is the main one, be happy (always when training) and to retain the British and Worlds titles.  I want to look back in later life with my grandkids on my knee and be able to say “I was good at that” to have no regrets and take very opportunity that life throws at you.

What advice would you give to others?

There are no obstacles to stop you achieving, apart from your own self doubt.  Believe, set small incremental goals, keep motivated and keep pushing.

Who are your inspirations:

Funny all my hero’s were footballers, Kevin Keegan, Tony Currie, Glen Hoddle – I was never really into bodybuilding as such, so my bodybuilding hero’s are all naturals Nigel Davies, Andy Palmer, Rich Gozdecki and the man who runs this gym Jon Clark.  I also have huge respect and admire anybody who works their guts out to reach their goals.  It isn’t all about winning trophies; it is more about achieving your aspirations.