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Bodybuilding a sport for all? 

DFACSport for all not the privileged!!

Once again I see that money is a relevant requirement to staying involved as a pro in our sport. Certain organizations require that to maintain Pro eligibility you must keep dues current at all times.

What if someone is having a year out due to finances being tight yet to maintain the right to pro status they need to pay the fees anyway, how wrong is that?.

If you are not competing you shouldn’t be forced to pay a membership. I might be wrong but I cant think of ANY business that you pay for if you are not using.

In bodybuilding you can actually lose your right to be considered a Pro in some organisations possibly because you cant afford it!

The DFAC will only charge membership for the year you compete and will never charge athletes just to maintain Pro status.

In addition the DFAC don’t charge promoters sanction fees. We don’t believe in charging promoters to help build our brand of natural bodybuilding. We believe in working as a team with promoters to get structure and to develop this sport from grass roots.

Without athletes there is no organisation!!!

Paying for a service you are not using is ludicrous unless you are the one collecting the money.

Reproduced from a post by Vicky McCann on the BNBF Facebook page 


Are all natural bodybuilding organisations the same?

Re-blog from a DFAC/BNBF Facebook post re drug testing in drug tested bodybuilding organisations. An interesting read and food for thought.

Author: Davy Jay

WADA Compliant!, Real WADA Testing! 
I see the above statements from a number of organisations, but do these organisations really follow WADA Guidelines?

Firstly, the T/E Ratio (Testosterone/Epitestosterone Ratio) – if a T/E Raio exceeds 4/1 ( Not 6/1 ) it will be considered atypical and an IRMS test should be performed to determine whether the testosterone is of exogenous or endogenous origin. Can your organisation of choice offer that option?

There are many laboratories that can offer steroid, pro-hormone and stimulant detection. But only WADA approved labs can offer detection of SARMs, SERMs, Peptide Hormones including Growth Hormone Releasing peptides, etc. So, does your organisation of choice use a fully WADA Compliant Lab?

Section S3 of the WADA Prohibited List states that “All selective and non-selective beta-2agonists, including all optical isomers are prohibited “. However, some organisations seem quite happy to allow the use of some beta-2agonists and are, also, willing to overlook the use of some stimulants.

The BNBF/DFAC are committed to giving competitors a level playing field. We use WADA Guidelines and our testing is carried out at a fully compliant WADA Laboratory.

Hopefully other organisations can offer you the same standard of service.

Extreme Nutrition Whey review by Rachael Hayes (DFAC Pro)

When doing any review firstly we need to establish what is the reason for using a product and what are the criteria we want it to meet. It’s only when we’ve done this that we can assess a product against it.

So whey protein powder, what am I looking for ?

Personally, I’m looking for an easy source of about 20gm of good protein, easily utilised, versatile options for mixing into other foodstuffs or easily mixed on its own and a pleasant taste. My main uses are in my in between meals especially if at work and in a meeting and/or when travelling, 

Carbs are usually quite work or travelling friendly but a smelly piece of fish or eggs can ruin the atmosphere at any meeting or in a confined train carriage.

So against my criteria how does extreme whey square up?


One scoop of extreme nutrition Whey provides 26.4 per 35gm serving

It also gives 2.02gm of fat and 2.78gm carbs (this is the milk chocolate others may vary). 

This means. Don’t have to worry too much as long as I almost fill the scoop


Extreme whey mixes well into cereal,  protein cake mixtures (to follow) and on its own.


I like the mix ability of this whey you don’t need a blender to make it drinkable it can be blended in a shaker  although in smoothie maker with ice and fruit it’s extra yum, strawberry is really fresh and light whereas milk chocolate is lush and a treat at any time.


All in all this product gives me just what I am looking for. I can also mix it with Extreme carbs for my post workout. 

Team Evo at the BNBF Midlands

The Team Evo and the BNBF Yorkshire crew combined took the BNBF Midlands by Storm.

The Team Evo babes bring glamour and pizazz to the gym on a daily basis and shone bright on show day.

  So proud of you guys, Lauren in her first show just 7 months after giving birth to he incredible Angel Rose is a beacon to all new mums showing what can be achieved; Emma in just her second year of competing has moved up to the next level, a self employed professional she inspires others to achieve; and Nicky moving from Figure to Physique shows that progression is available for all.
The whole team had a buzz from the last BNBF Yorkshire club to the stage. Some wobbles were had along the way but the triumph for everyone was that they made it and all looked amazing. The respective journeys were completed and solid performances given all round.

Take a look 

   Miss Physique – Nicky Rodgers 1st


Masters Figure

Jess Centro 1st, Debbie McLean 2nd



Rebako Rasul 4th



Marcus Lee, 1st


Phil Dean 3rd


Louis Smith 1st, Stephen McLean 2nd


Emma Ryder 3rd, Lauren Walker

Louis Smith, Best wheels

With Amie and Sinead representing the BNBF backstage crew

All ladies class winners and Louis with his Overall Men’s trophy

Well done to all the ladies and gents, the journey continues.

Finals time 2014

The end of the year draws nigh once more and the NPA finals have just been. That must mean Kelly has been on stage whoop whoop. 4th this year consistency is the key always in the placings.

Next step Miami, it’s time for Team Evo to venture across the pond to take on the rest of the World. Jon and Rachael are back on stage in the Pro Masters and Pro Athletic respectively. Kelly takes on the Pro ranks for the first time in Women’s bodybuilding. Louis Smith takes on the amateur men’s open class with a chance of a World Title and Pro Card and elder statesman Lloyd Stewart takes on the Amateur Masters defending last years title.

The Drug Free Athletes Coalition is in it’s third year in the JLK convention center in downtown Miami and has almost doubled in size this year. Going for strength to strength the DFAC has a bright future. The ethos is to bring the sport back into natural bodybuilding and celebrate the value and standard off the Amateur ranks. As all who compete with the BNBF will know the initial aspiration is to do well at your qualifier, then to step on the British stage and for a select few an invite to the Worlds. Each of these levels is an amazing achievement in itself, getting in the trophies at a qualifier is no mean feat and I can vouch for fact it can takes years of dedication and commitment to move up the ranks. Each step up is a learning curve and builds the database of experience and knowledge that you need as a professional.

As an invite only Amateur World Championships the DFAC is the creme de la creme and a pro card earned here is the one to have for now and for the future.

The pro ranks too are being differentiated as some of the newest pros in their infancy of competing are not competitive against the top few, thus an elite class is planned for class and title winners. This will provide progression for all athletes with goals for us all to strive for keeping the sport lean, competitive and exciting. Go DFAC ground-breaking.

Most of all though go Team Evo…….





Last BNBF Qualifier

Well Team Evo are prepping for the last qualifier of he year. Early start tomorrow it’s all hands on deck to help make the BNBF the professional setup it is.

Team BNBF already on the road from Perth and Amazoglaze on route…. Lots more volunteers from all four corners of the UK will descend and turn the splendiforous venue into a bodybuilding nivarna….

This year so far we have seen a number of placings and performances that make us so proud of all Team Evo and the BNBF Yorkshire clan….

Kevin, Paul, Adam, Emma, Nicky, Phil, Jordan, Louise, Louis, Emma, Chris and Chris (if I’ve missed anyone let me know – I’m in the middle of my cv and a bit scatty). Some we will see on the stage tomorrow, others at the British and some next year. It’s always busy at a competition gym with people at different stages of prep. It’s always busy at the BNBF with comps and clubs and planning for the future, no rest.

Jon and Rachael have been busy judging and hosting and Kelly has helped out behind the scenes and in front as the trophy girl at the midlands. So proud to be part of the volunteer team that runs our sport.