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Great Evo Bakeoff 2016

After a very successful first year, where the cakes were so good there were accusations of cheating and suggestions that cakes were bought (back handed compliments in a way), we embarked on year 2.

The brief was showstoppers, a little more than a cake yet the all important BAKE was still the basis. After a slow start and reticence to show their hand we had 7 entries. All the entries were brilliant and brought gasps of awe and wonder from bakers and members alike.

A brief interlude to remember why we were doing this…… Not only was it fun but it was a great way to raise money for Children in Need. There are many people (children) less fortunate than us and our children and CinN is a great time to spare them a thought and do what we can to help others in a time of need. 

Back to the Bake….

All seven entries were outstanding and our chosen judges for the day were Kerry “Mary Berry” Talbot and Mark “Paul Hollywood” Davis. Following fine slicing by our very own JC they tasted and compared all the cakes. They marked for look, bake quality, taste, overall impression (it’s right professional it is). 

We had……

Cat in the Hat with Thing 1 (Jon)

Death by chocolate fort (Dan)

Strongman Surprise (Emma)

Gluten Free Gingerbread castle (Kelly)

OMG it’s a voyage of adventure (Hannah)

Self portrait Dragon (Rachael)

Evolution Gym (Fairweather Family)

So on a crowded

Friday night in November the gathered crowds waited patiently for the judging to be concluded. Everyone had their own winner but who would be chosen…….

Before the judging was over the cakes had started to disappear and the morning for Children in Need rolled in.

So which one won?…..

Come on judges who did it?……

And the Winner is …….

The Fairweather Family with Evolution Gym and 9 hour construction of epic proportions that tasted as good as it looked. 

Big well done to our 2016 Master Bakers.

The runner up was the gluten free Christmas Castle. Kelly baked this amazing cake and she converted a few folk that night that hadn’t thought gluten free could taste so good. Well done. 

The most important thing was the money and together Evokution Gym raised just over £150 for Children in Need.

Roll on next year.