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Three Peaks Challenge Prep Pt 2

We covered clothing in the last prep blog now it’s equipment – you can probably borrow a lot of this stuff if you are not a frequent walker to save you buying something you won’t use.

Small Rucksack/Daysack

Any small rucksack up to about 30 litres volume should be good, you should all carry your own stuff in case you get separated from your friend etc. Organisation in the bag is important to keep things like waterproofs and drinks handy.

Head torch/batteries

We are planning on finishing before nightfall but you never know so we need to be prepared. Get a head torch and some extra batteries you can use them for all sorts of things after the walk.


This is a big orange bag that you can use as a waterproof shelter or to keep you warm should the need arise. It’s a survival item and about a fiver.

Personal first aid kit

basic first aid kit with scissors, safety pins, triangular banadage etc maybe include some headache tablets, water sterilising tablets etc again it’s a just in case.


We will cover this in more detail never the time but we are unlikely to stop for a picnic so food will need to be small nutritious items you enjoy.


Drinks are essential to stay hydrated throughout our walk, but it’s important we are fully hydrated before we set off. A small flask with a warm drink is a good idea or isotonic type beverages and water.


Whilst there are not any ships on the hills money is always a good idea. You may want to buy food or drink, pay for a taxi or hotel or just phone home.


When packing all your stuff in your rucksack give some thought to what you will use most often and pack this near the top. Pack items in a plastic bag if they have a chance of getting wet and / or are delicate. Carry more rather than less it is best to carry it round rather than not have it if you need it.

It’s half way though Feb so about 2 months to go – hope the training is going well.






Grappling Time

It’s a dark, snowy evening in Sheffield and Jon and I are settled in our seats on Queens Road ready for the NCWA Fight Awakens.

Fighting for Elite British Wrestling is our very own Team Evo member David Deville!! The scene is set it’s a raucous crowd, families and individuals all are gathered for a grappling extravaganza. 

I haven’t watched wrestling since Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks era. World of Sport on a Saturday afternoon would see my dad ensconced on the settee writhing and punching the air as the giants roared and grappled each other. They threw each other against the corner post and on momentous occasions flew out over the ropes to land in the audience where old ladies attacked them with handbags. I sense a similar atmosphere here – a number of handbags are at the ready.

The audience themselves are an eclectic mix of grappling fans of all shapes and sizes. No clue in their image who they will be rooting for.

The working men’s club is humming with glitzy curtains and stage, lots of glitter and glitz, a sticky Phoenix nightesque carpet. 

2 minutes to show time!!!

The show started with a mash of bodies all aiming to qualify for the first competition bout. An elimination it was a confusing mass of bodies for a wrestling virgin like me. Quite quickly the ring emptied as wrestlers got knocked out and we were left with one. Then followed a bout for a belt. 

The audience (kids especially) were awesome. Constantly shoutig and cheering the competitors. Dressing Gown, dressing gown was a derogatory chant aimed at one of the first contenders who came in with cape, Kylo Ren mask and light sabre. The mutual ribbing of crowd and wrestler made the show, taunts and jeers created the great atmosphere of unity a it all worked because everyone played their part.

When David Deville (maybe Cruella’s brother) came to the ring the kids loved it. His shiny pants for the attention of the kids and following a chanting of ‘Plastic pants’ ‘Plastic pants’ he retorted with ‘Pleather!!!!’ Hilarious!

With his Team Evo physique (best in class by far) the standard of wrestling and showmanship was second to none. He was thrown by and threw his opponent as many ways as you think possible – he flew gracefully through the air hitting the floor with a brutality that belies its gracefulness and precision. 


The whole evening was an amazing spectacle and one that we could all share in. Wrestling is an amazing adventure into showmanship and skill. Although on his occasion David lost his bout to us he was and is a champ of the ring, style, guts and pizazz he’s got it all in abundance.

Team Evo just got crazier and we love it.