Team Evo fundraising prowess

2015 was a brilliant year for Evolution Gym, it’s friends, members and staff. Outside gym life people gave birth, got married, got new jobs, new cars, new houses it was not all roses but lots of good stuff happened. Inside the gym there were new members, new friendships, personal bests, new goals and great achievements. As a group we did a bikeathon for comic relief and raised loads then in November we had the first ever Great Evolution Bake-thon won by Alex, although all bakers and eaters were winners as we raised 200 quid for Children in Need.


alex wins

Probably our most amazing charity event was the Sponsored Tyre Flip for the Helipad at the Sheffield hospitals. Adam Saltfleet, Evolutions resident strongman showed us all what he is made of and its stern stuff. Over the space of 3 hours he flipped a 320kg tyre over 300 times. In total he flipped 98,880kg. Now if someone tipped 98 tonnes of gravel at the end of my drive and told me to move the pile 10ft I would decline politely for fear of death but that is what Adam did. The support was brilliant but only Adam could do it and with grit and determination he ran up a massive score. An amazing feat for Adam more amazing was the amount he raised, over £1000 on its way to the helipad. We are really proud to call Adam one of our members, well done dude.

2016 aims to be just as special with a sponsored Yorkshire Three Peaks Walk in April (Alzeheimers) and a Total Warrior team in June. A bake off again for Children in Need and maybe more. If you are doing something special for charity let us know.