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Phoenix Fitness to Conquer the Galaxy

Aiming for the stars; To Galaxy and beyond!  
On 6th & 7th November, five girls from Phoenix Fitness Bootcamps are set to compete at Miss Galaxy Universe. Dubbed GI Jane meets Miss World, the Galaxy Girls will take on a selection of gruelling fitness tests including the bleep test, track sprints, a car pull, and various plyometric & functional exercises like box jumps and press ups before taking to the stage for bikini and evening wear rounds.

Led by 26year old Hannah Hallsworth; personal trainer and Phoenix Fitness Bootcamps founder, the girls include 31year old Housing coordinator Jenna Burgess, 26year old Regulations & Policy Officer Jessica Grinsell, 29year old Trainer Assessor Stephanie Smith, and youngest of the group, 19year old student Bethany Walker. All of the girls have had their own personal battles and even taking on the challenge is a massive achievement.

 In preparation for The Games, the girls have been training together 3x per week alongside their own personal training. Leaving no stone unturned, the girls have trained for strength, speed and endurance. An important aspect of the process has included focusing on good nutrition in order to fuel them to perform their best whilst looking the best they can on stage.

Phoenix Fitness is a family. Part of Team Evo, we inspire the ordinary the push for the extraordinary. What better way to showcase that than a competition that empowers all women of different shapes and sizes to be fit & healthy and proud of what they can achieve?!