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St Albans Central BNBF

On our way to St Albans to host, judge and guest spot. Life is a many varied experience and we love being able to put something back into the sport that has done so much for us.

The BNBF is quite an amazing federation. Run by the athletes for the athletes the empathy and understanding is second to none. Yet at the same time the expectation is high.

Horses done this morning, dog walked, food prepped can’t wait to get to the venue and feel the buzz of nervous excitement. Hosting is extremely enjoyable, nerves play a part for me too wanting to facilitate the best experience for people both athletes and audience.


The Central is a lovely venue. Great memories too. I remember the time I was judging and got locked in the car park. Nothing for it but to stay the night – a great opportunity though as I got to go to Whipsnade zoo on the way home the day after and had an amazing time.

The show is halfway done and we are now partaking in a Costa coffee and food.  It’s often a nice day for the Central and today is no exception. Glorious sunshine and the smell of warm tan it’s an acquired taste this bodybuilding.  The venue has been set up beautifully as always hats off to the team. 

The isobag is doing well and providing sustenance just when we need it. A pocket for my coffee, my shaker and Jon’s wallet – I’m sorted. 

The athletes today are varied as usual in size, condition, experience etc. The classes are close to call and the night show should be a stormer. 


Positive Mental Attitude

As Henry Ford(father of the modern car and production line)said, “whether you think you can, or think you can’t you are usually right”

What he meant by this is that you make your own destiny. Quite often we defeat ourselves in any challenge because we don’t believe in ourselves and that we can achieve.
Life is a many varied test of our attitude and will throw negativity at us from all angles. That said, the only thing stopping you from achieving is you……..
Thinks positive, repeat the mantra “I can do this!”


Visualise yourself doing whatever it is you have set your sights on and then taking one step at a time move towards it.
Do something everyday towards your goal. If the end goal is a major undertaking set mini goals along the way. Every time you achieve one of your mini goals (e.g. A day or a week without alcohol, a walk everyday, run a 10k by June) you are another step closer.

Be positive, set goals, get going!

Fitness photoshoot advice from Fivos the photographer

This is a great article re photoshoots. Have a read.

The Fit Writer Nicola Joyce


As part of my prep this year, I booked a photoshoot with Fivos Averkiou, a photographer who specialises in physique-type shoots. He’s been a (very good) bodybuilder himself, and is also the guy who shoots the official stage photos at most of the bodybuilding shows I’ve ever done, so was the obvious choice!

It’s something I’ve been promising myself for a while, and I thought… well, I guess I thought why not! I wanted a record of how I look during prep (and I now have a load of useful work/fitness type promo and headshots, which will come in handy for work!)

The day after the shoot, I ached from head to toe and was absolutely shattered! This wasn’t helped by being in the latter stages of a (lonnnng) prep diet, I’m sure, but the shoot was a lot more tiring than I anticipated. We essentially did a high-rep…

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Phoenix Fitness Bootcamp at Evolution Gym

Monday and Thursday 6.15pm Phoenix Bootcamps at Evolution Gym

Phoenix Fitness Bootcamps provide a full body workout designed to burn fat whilst increasing strength and endurance. They also encourage laughter, smiling and increased happiness.


The format and workouts are varied from class to class so your body is always challenged. The atmosphere is fun and friendly and we also provide an online support group for help with anything fitness related whether that’s nutritional help or just encouragement when you’re not feeling motivated.


A number of class members have also taken on various team challenges from 10k’s to Tough Mudders. Phoenix Fitness is more than just a bootcamp… It’s a community for people to get fit and have fun doing it whilst making some great friends! We run our classes at Evolution Gym, Sheffield which is a great place to train and has the same community feel.


The classes are run by Hannah Hallsworth. Hannah is a fully qualified personal trainer and fully fledged Team Evo Member. She is slightly mad and always up for a fitness challenge. She has competed in fitness and bodybuilding competitions, this year ran the London Marathon and completed a number of obstacle races. Watch out for a Hannah profile soon.


what the members say:

It’s like a little support group – Friendly and fun yet challenging. – Steph Smith

A group of like mind people all with the same goal – to get fit and have fun doing it. Who are there to offer support and help when things get tough and you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. – Helen Furness