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Finals time 2014

The end of the year draws nigh once more and the NPA finals have just been. That must mean Kelly has been on stage whoop whoop. 4th this year consistency is the key always in the placings.

Next step Miami, it’s time for Team Evo to venture across the pond to take on the rest of the World. Jon and Rachael are back on stage in the Pro Masters and Pro Athletic respectively. Kelly takes on the Pro ranks for the first time in Women’s bodybuilding. Louis Smith takes on the amateur men’s open class with a chance of a World Title and Pro Card and elder statesman Lloyd Stewart takes on the Amateur Masters defending last years title.

The Drug Free Athletes Coalition is in it’s third year in the JLK convention center in downtown Miami and has almost doubled in size this year. Going for strength to strength the DFAC has a bright future. The ethos is to bring the sport back into natural bodybuilding and celebrate the value and standard off the Amateur ranks. As all who compete with the BNBF will know the initial aspiration is to do well at your qualifier, then to step on the British stage and for a select few an invite to the Worlds. Each of these levels is an amazing achievement in itself, getting in the trophies at a qualifier is no mean feat and I can vouch for fact it can takes years of dedication and commitment to move up the ranks. Each step up is a learning curve and builds the database of experience and knowledge that you need as a professional.

As an invite only Amateur World Championships the DFAC is the creme de la creme and a pro card earned here is the one to have for now and for the future.

The pro ranks too are being differentiated as some of the newest pros in their infancy of competing are not competitive against the top few, thus an elite class is planned for class and title winners. This will provide progression for all athletes with goals for us all to strive for keeping the sport lean, competitive and exciting. Go DFAC ground-breaking.

Most of all though go Team Evo…….