Monthly Archives: August 2014

Last BNBF Qualifier

Well Team Evo are prepping for the last qualifier of he year. Early start tomorrow it’s all hands on deck to help make the BNBF the professional setup it is.

Team BNBF already on the road from Perth and Amazoglaze on route…. Lots more volunteers from all four corners of the UK will descend and turn the splendiforous venue into a bodybuilding nivarna….

This year so far we have seen a number of placings and performances that make us so proud of all Team Evo and the BNBF Yorkshire clan….

Kevin, Paul, Adam, Emma, Nicky, Phil, Jordan, Louise, Louis, Emma, Chris and Chris (if I’ve missed anyone let me know – I’m in the middle of my cv and a bit scatty). Some we will see on the stage tomorrow, others at the British and some next year. It’s always busy at a competition gym with people at different stages of prep. It’s always busy at the BNBF with comps and clubs and planning for the future, no rest.

Jon and Rachael have been busy judging and hosting and Kelly has helped out behind the scenes and in front as the trophy girl at the midlands. So proud to be part of the volunteer team that runs our sport.



14/15th June

So the first of our busy weekends this year.

Today the 14th June is Galaxy Universe day. Hannah and Donna have been working hard since last year for this day. First they are going to blast the fitness test, then show off their galaxy girl physiques in bikini and lastly it’s showing elegance and grace in evening dresses. Quite a day