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Evolution gym 2013 – competition blog

The achievements of Team EVO, Credit to the Competitors and all those who supported, trained with them throughout the year.

NPA Yorkshire, May 2013
Steve Howarth Pro Am 5th Place
Kelly Freeman Ladies Physique 1st Place

NABBA NORTH East May 2013
Mick Green o/50s
Steve Howarth o/40s 4th Place
Dean Hall o/40s 2nd Place
Andy Breen O/40s
Russ Gale U/21’s 2ND Place

Lee Parkes & Jordan Mitchell

NABBA BRITISH Final May 2013
Dean Hall O/40s
Russ Gale Novice
Kelly Freeman Trained Figure 2nd Place

ISLE OF MAN TT Races May/June 2013
Karl ‘BOMBER’ Harris

Miss Galaxy Universe June 2013
Emma Ryder, Diva

Adam Saltfleet 2nd place

BNBF Midlands July 2013
Phil Dean, MiddleWeights
Kelly Freeman Ladies Physique 1st Place
Chris Richards, lightweights 1st place
Chris Wright, Novice Heavyweight
Nichola Rodgers, Miss Figure 3RD Place
Jordan Dean, Teens

BNBF Northern August 2013
Phil Dean, MiddleWeights
Chris Richards, lightweights 4th place
Chris Wright, Novice Heavyweight
Nichola Rodgers. Miss Figure
Jordan Dean, Teens

BNBF British Final September 2013
Steve Howarth, O/40s 1st Place
Kelly Freeman Ladies Physique 1st Place
Chris Richards, lightweights

NABBA Universe October 2013
Kelly Freeman Trained Figure unplaced

NABBA UK October 2013
Kelly Freeman Trained Figure 2nd Place
Linda Taylor Trained Figure unplaced

Miss Galaxy Universe June 2013
Emma Ryder, Diva
Hannah Holdsworth, Bikini
Donna Pearson, Bikini

NPA British Final October 2013
Kelly Freeman Ladies Physique 1st Place

Adam Saltfleet 4th place

Kelly Freeman Amateur Ladies Physique 1st Place
Steve Howarth Pro Masters 2nd Place
Jon Clark Pro Masters 4th Place

Kelly Freeman Ladies Physique 3rd Place

2013 has been a very productive year on the competition front for Team EVO, with competitors hitting the stage , track or atlas stones with some great results.

21 competitors in total, returning 7 x 1st places, 7 x 2nd places, 2 x 3rds and 3 x 4th places in 18 different competitions.
Rachael Hayes, owner of evolution gym, continued on from the double success of DFAC Universe and World Champion 2012 by becoming heavily involved in the running of the DFAC world championship, held in Miami, while racking up the air miles with the DFAC team judging across the globe to ensure the world of natural bodybuilding has a future, evo is proud to be involved at such an integral level.

All achievements are worthy of mention but none more so than that of Jordan Dean. Jordan deals with the issues Cerebral Palsy throws at him on a daily basis and then to undertake the training and nutritional regime it takes to step onto a bodybuilding stage is just inspirational, and this is just the start, look out for more of Jordan in 2014.

2013 has been another amazing year for Kelly Freeman, again juggling the rigours of being a mum of 3, she undertook 9 competitions this year, resulting in 2 x regional titles, 2 x British Titles and 1 x WORLD title with the offer of the very coveted Pro Card. While placing 2nd in a third British level comp , 3rd in a further World Championship and to be up there in the NABBA universe too!!! Watch out for lots more of Kelly next year, will 2014 see her make her Pro Debut??

Steve Howarth won the BNBF British title and the Masters Pro Card that goes with it , Steve went on to place 2nd in his Pro debut in the DFAC World championships in Miami.

Jon Clark, Owner of Evolution Gym, has a helping hand in most if not all achievements this year and went onto compete in the DFAC PRO Masters WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in Miami, placing 4th in a top pro line up.

Dean Hall and Russ Gale making the British Championship debut this year shows they can mix it with the best the country has to offer.
Chris Richards, Phil Dean, Mick Green, Linda Taylor and Nichola Rodgers made a great return to the competition stage all bettering their previous showing, with Chris and Nichola bringing home their first trophies.

Chris Wright and Andy Breen both did themselves and the gym proud with their first year of competing, it certainly wont be their last.
Evo’s first step into the world of Miss Galaxy Universe went down a storm with our own Galaxy Girls Emma Ryder, Hannah Holdsworth and Donna Pearson. Although finishing out of the places all out performed their expectations in the fitness tests and again did themselves and the gym proud. Look out for Emma on the Miss Galaxy Universe 2014 Calendar, what an honor to be selected as one of the 12!! Well done Emma.

Evo’s Strongman team started its year with Lee Parkes and Jordan Mitchell pairing up to compete jointly, flipping 350kg earth movers tyres and vast log lifts together in the northern qualifier, both lifted personal bests and came away from the new discipline exhausted but happy.

Adam Saltfleet has kept the pressure on consistently throughout the year, at under 90kg himself, he thinks nothing of flipping 350kg tyres, lifting 150kg atlas stones and walking with the 130kg farmers walk weights. All just everyday training for Adam. Adam qualified for his first British final and finished a more than respectable 4th place. Awesome.

Karl ‘Bomber’ Harris had evo out with him at this years Isle of Man TT races, and throughout the British SuperBike season, after not just surviving but walking away relatively unscathed from a 170 mph crash at thruxton in the early part of the season, Karl is certainly made of tough stuff. Karl came back an achieved some personal best laps at the TT. Watch out for Karl again in the 2014 season.

Evo takes great pride in all its members and all their achievements no matter how big or small, the contribution of training partners, friends and other members all go to create the atmosphere in which we enjoy success and cannot be understated. A worthy note to end on is the dedication and determination of Alan Jubb, Alan came to evo weighing in at 28 stone in the middle of 2011, 18 month on and Alan is now loving his new self, weighing in at 17 stone!!!

Anything is possible, we have just got to dream big, bring on 2014.