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Britain’s Natural Strongest Man 2013 by Lee Parkes

The venue is Consett Rugby Club, we have been warned about the potentially changing weather…we arrive for the weigh in and it is already scorching at 10am…gonna be a hot day.
The kit is already laid out ready for the competition on the all weather facility…Jack Lovett’s crew are very efficient!
First up is the Log press, 90kg for reps for the Under 90’s and 105kg for our Polish powerhouse Lukasz! Not the best start for each of us…for me this is terribly disappointing as I was hoping for this to be a good event…not happy L…
Onto the deadlift…210kg for reps for the under 90’s…we see some improvement in this, Jordan cranks out 3 good reps, 5 for Adam and 6 for me…we are all back in the race!!
Next up is Farmer’s walk…for the 90’s it is 100kg in each hand for 20m followed straight away by 120kg in each hand for 20m…this is brutal…great efforts again from all four of us. I mange to complete the course…a PB for me, and a fantastic second place for Adam pushing him well into contention for a qualifying place.
Unfortunately for me the amount of effort for the Farmer’s has left me with an old shoulder injury recurring…the last two events are going to be tough!!
Penultimate event is Clean & Press for maximum weight, Jordan manages to crank out the opening weight of 90kg…pretty good for somebody weighing only 83kg on the day…I manage 95kg, again not happy… the shoulder is not holding out too well…Adam pulls 100kg out of the bag to stay in touch with the leaders…great effort!
Final event is the ‘Spartan Medley’…designed with lots of love by Jack Lovett himself…for the U90’s it is a 250kg yolk walk for 20m followed by 3 flips of a 350kg tyre and finally a 160kg sled pull for 20m…ladies and gentlemen please leave your guts at the starting line…great effort by Jordan, Lukasz (280kg yolk, 4 flips of tyre & 200kg sled pull) and myself but yet another fantastic performance from Adam see him taking second place in the Medley to ensure a qualifying place of 4th overall…
I think it is fair to say that all competitors and spectators enjoyed the day…big thanks to all spectators from Evo, nice to see a good following for all the competitors!
Now time to rest and recuperate…fix all the broken bits and plan for the next enjoyable excursion…thanks for reading!

Lee Parkes - strongman Farmers walk

Lee Parkes – strongman
Farmers walk

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Lee Parkes – Team Evo Strongman
Shoulder Press

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