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BNBF Yorkshire Club

The British Natural Bodybuilding Federation is a natural bodybuilding federation running a series of qualifying competitions for the British Final each year. In addition, to the goal of becoming British Championu, the BNBF offers a qualification for professional status earning a place to compete internationally for prize money. The BNBF is affiliated to DFAC a Drug Free Athletes Coalition. In its first year DFAC plans to stage professional competitions in the USA, Great Britain and maybe even Malaysia (not bad for its first year).

A BNBF competition is planned and organised with the athlete in mind. With no stone unturned all details are addressed. The lighting, music, running order, organisation on the day, backstage tanners and assistants, the level of information provided to all the athletes to help the day run smoothly, the organisation on stage, the MCing at night and some of the best trophies you have ever seen.

With a range of top quality sponsors the BNBF carries out a substantial regime of drug testing both at shows and out of show testing. CNP fund the testing and at the British Finals all athletes must pass a polygraph test as one of the criteria of taking part in the show. This concentration on ensuring drug free competitors makes the competitions as fair as they can be for all those taking part.

Unlike other bodybuilding organisations BNBF goes one step further and offers bodybuilding clubs in Scotland, London, Manchester and now YORKSHIRE (Evo Gym, Sheffield).

Jon Clark and Rachael Hayes are husband and wife BNBF Professionals and are starting the Yorkshire Club this year to cater for those located in this area who want to know more about competing or would like some advice and support from like minded people.

The clubs are run on a regular basis throughout the competition season and offer a chance for you to train with like minded people swapping notes, ideas, problems and gossip. In addition, as the season progresses more and more time is dedicated to posing practice – all important for that show day confidence and presence. Once the training and dieting is over the last thing left is to show your physique off to your best ability and practice, practice, practice of your posing is the tried and tested way of doing this.

Don’t know what tan to use, or where to buy a posing suit all these things can be discussed at the club.

Each club has a Facebook group or page.

click here for the BNBF Yorkshire Page

and here for the BNBF Yorkshire Group

The Yorkshire Club will be held at Evolution Gym, Carley Drive, Sheffield, S20 8NQ Tel: 0114 2483249

The gym is located on the pedestrian precinct – details of car parks in the area etc will be posted on the group and page. The cost of the Club is £4 per session whether you train or not this covers the use of the gym. It will start at 11am and after a training session the aerobics room will be used for a question and answer session and some posing practice.

If you have any questions either use Facebook or ring the gym.