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BNBF British Team in Washington

Well here we are in Washington DC, USA as part of the Great Britain BNBF Team 2011. Tomorrow is the Yorton Cup with 67 pro competitors and over 100 amateurs.

As a judge for this excellent competition I feel like tomorrow will be one of the hardest days of my judging career. A wide range of excellent physiques with judging starting at 8am. I know that my decision making will directly affect each athlete stood on the stage and the pressure is immense, I will do my best.

The waiting is nearly over for the BNBF team. The tan is being applied as I type and as the last link in the chain they will all start to appreciate the reality of the test ahead.

The carbs have started to take effect and the travelling zombies of Wednesday are starting to emerge from their slumber as energy fills their bodies and muscles start to feel hard and full.

Jon is ready, his tan is being applied and once darker he will feel more prepared. It was the last piece in the jigsaw and the last thing to wait for. When tanned the game can commence whenever. Food is prepared for today and the sun is shining.

Messages from home are really appreciated and bolster up those moments when motivation wains due to the waiting. Waiting is frustrating for all.

Back at home Kelly Freeman is preparing for the NABBA Universe also on Saturday and experiencing all the same emotions and waiting. Good luck Kelly from all at the gym.




Nutrition Top Tips


1. Drink Drink Drink – hydration is key to health and fitness, drink at least 2.5 litres of water a day

2. Little and Often, never get hungry, eat every three hours to maintain your metabolism and maximum fat burning also to give your body the nutrition it needs to build muscle. This includes not going to bed hungry, eat a protein based snack or protein shake.

3. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, it kick starts your body into action.

4. Eat enough protein, if you are exercising to build muscle aid for 1gm per kg of body weight you are aiming for, for general fitness 1gm per 2kg of body weight you are aiming for.

5. Eat like this every day, consistency is the key.

6. Avoid sugar, trans fat, processed food and alcohol. Easy rule – if it doesn’t grow, swim or walk don’t eat it.

7. Vary your protein sources, include white meat, red meat, dish or vegetarian alternatives. Protein drinks are a good easy source of protein too.

8. Eat complex carbohydrates per workout to give you energy and fuel your workout and fast, simple carbs after to replenish the depleted stores….




Team Evo

This page is dedicated to our Team Evo sponsored athletes.

The QR codes will take you to more information/websites.

Karl “Bomber” Harris – Super bike rider

photoKarl Harris (born on October 21, 1979 in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England) is a professional motorcycle road racer. He is a three-time former British Supersport champion and rides for the Splitlath team.

Karl has presented Jon with an excellent photo of him parting company with the ground on his superbike, look out for it on the gym wall.

For more information about Karl scan this QR code                              

Clinton Woods – Professional Boxer

WoodsPA3009_468x527Clinton Woods has been a long time member of Evolution Gym. Our own Jon Clark taking the role of personal strength coach and nutritional advisor during his boxing career.

Clinton Woods (born 1 May 1972), is a boxer from Sheffield, England. Growing up in tough surrounding he is a former IBF Light Heavyweight World champion. He has also fought for the WBC light heavyweight title and has held the British, Commonwealth and European titles.

Brett Chapman – Ice Hockey Player

Brett Chapman plays for the Sheffield Senators Ice Hockey Team. Brett is a well experienced veteran of the team. He has played for many years and knows the game well. Brett is a strong character in the dressing room and speaks up at any given opportunity. He is a leader and will stand up for his team-mates when required. Brett is sponsored by Evolution Gym.

Brett was recently awarded the SENs Shield. The Sen’s shield passed from John-Henry to Brett for solid hits, good goal and convincing fight win!

The Sen’s shield is passed on player-to-player following each game.

Seen not as a ‘Man of the Match’ award, it is given to the worthy player for an individual event or part they have played that goes above and beyond for the team.

This is a special way the Sen’s recognise each other for those key contributions that can sometimes go missed in the grand scheme of a game of hockey.

Steve Howarth, Bodybuilder

Name: Steve Howarth

Age: 44

Location: Rotherham

Height: 6’

Weight: 91Kg (Comp weight) off season 98Kg

Chosen Sport: Competitive Bodybuilding

Sport/Competition History:

Lots of football, played at Barnsley as an apprentice, Halifax Town, Altingham, Witton in the old GM Vauxhall – all other sports, Volleyball, Rugby, Athletics, Tri-Athlon, Bodybuilding wise Current NPA British Champion, UKDFBA British Champion, UIBBN World Champion

Strongest Bodypart: Quads

Favourite Bodypart: Serratus

How did you get started?

Told to put on muscle when playing football as a teenager – quickly got hooked on the transformation

Can you described your training programme for us?

In – wham – bam – out J Moderately heavy, 6-10 rep range, no rest between sets.  I tend to change my workouts around continually, never letting the muscle adapt to the same stimulus.  I try and combine push pull movements so Back/Shoulders, Chest/Biceps, Legs/Triceps.  I train abbs every workout (off season) and do 10 mins cv as a cool down after every workout.  Coming up to a show I will split out each bodypart and train them individually – sliding in 6/7 sessions of cardio and pounding the streets early morning.

What are your thoughts on nutrition?

You are what you eat.  This is often the most over looked aspect of the sport along with sufficient rest.  Clean sources of carbs, proteins and fats, with minimal treats, will allow you to progress.  Abuse that principle and your body will show that neglect.  It is the hardest aspect of bodybuilding and requires real mind over matter – essentially it has to be a way of life and become the norm, to eat clean.  And without a specific goal – any diet will fail.

What supplements do you use? 

I am lucky enough to be sponsored by EQ Nutrition, so my main supplements are their all in one MM5, Nut Fudge Whey, BCAAs, ZMA, Vit C.  Supplements are exactly that – they are not meant to be meal replacements or the Holy Grail.  They are there to help and aid recovery and replenish lost nutrients that when you can’t get good clean solid food down.

What are your goals?

Stay healthy is the main one, be happy (always when training) and to retain the British and Worlds titles.  I want to look back in later life with my grandkids on my knee and be able to say “I was good at that” to have no regrets and take very opportunity that life throws at you.

What advice would you give to others?

There are no obstacles to stop you achieving, apart from your own self doubt.  Believe, set small incremental goals, keep motivated and keep pushing.

Who are your inspirations:

Funny all my hero’s were footballers, Kevin Keegan, Tony Currie, Glen Hoddle – I was never really into bodybuilding as such, so my bodybuilding hero’s are all naturals Nigel Davies, Andy Palmer, Rich Gozdecki and the man who runs this gym Jon Clark.  I also have huge respect and admire anybody who works their guts out to reach their goals.  It isn’t all about winning trophies; it is more about achieving your aspirations.

Kelly Rennie – Fitness Model & Figure Competitor

Name: Kelly Rennie


> Age: 29


> Location: Sheffield


> Height: 167cm


> Weight: 58kg


> Chosen Sport: Natural BodyBuilding/Figure


> Sport/Competition History: 3rd BNBF Finals Figure 2010, Finalist BNBF Finals Figure 2011


> Strongest Bodypart: Legs


> Favourite Bodypart: Arms


> How did you get started? Always been involved in fitness whether it was playing some type of sport of going to the gym. My twin competed years ago and I really wanted to give it ago.


> Can you described your training programme for us?

4 day split, cardio everyday with a rest day.


> What are your thoughts on nutrition?

80% nutrition, 20% exercise!! Im a big believer in eating for you health of the future, keeping it basic and clean.


> What supplements do you use? Fish oil, Omega3fish oil, Whey.


> What are your goals? At this stage my goal is to keep fit and toned. Next year I will look at competing again with an earlier start to my training.


> What advice would you give to others?

Make sure your journey into fitness in not only just for the body but also for the ultimate health. Also ask for advice if your not making gains whether is hiring a personal trainer to guide you or asking people in the gym

>Who are your inspirations

> Jamie Eason, My trainer Jon!

Thanks Kelly, that’s great we all wish you a big good luck in all you do and next year in your competitions.

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