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Kelly Freeman – Bodybuilder

Name: Kelly Freeman

Age: 31

LocatIon: SheffIeld

Height: 5 ft 2

WeIght: 8 stone 8 lb

Chosen Sport: BodybuIldIng

Sport/Competition History:

Nabba England 2010, 2nd place
Nabba BrItIsh FInals 2011, 4th place
Strongest Body part:Legs

Favourite Body part: Arms and back

How did you get started?

I started out to lose weight, I got to my goal but decided I wanted to look better, I saw my body toning  and want to take it to the next level to compete in bodybuilding.
Can you describe your training programme for us?
I train weights four times a week and cardio after every session, I may add extra cardio dependIng on how I look.
What are your thoughts on nutrition?
Nutrition is the key to success.
What supplements do you use?
Pro Elite proteIn powder, CNP carbohydrate powder, PHD 6 hr time release protein powder, udos oil.
What are your goals?
To compete at the highest level possible and to be the best I can and hopefully receive a sponsorship deal.
What advice would you give to others?
Work hard and anything is possible.
Who are your Inspirations?  Davana Medina  IFBB Figure Olympia champion.
Thanks Kelly, keep up the hard work and I am sure you will achieve your goals. Good luck with the NPA Mike Williams Classic.

Show updates – September 2011

Well done to Steve Howarth, Chris Chapman and Emma Grozna for the placings this weekend. Steve took the Ove 40s title, Chris 4th in the Middleweights and placed 5th in her very first competition!! Well done guys

Coming up on Sunday 2nd October is the NPA Mike Williams Classic – Pro Am. Emma will be there representing Team Evo in the Figure Class. While Kelly Freeman, the newest member of Team Evo and under Jon’s guidance will be stepping on stage in the Miss Physique category.

Kyle Hague’s physique is looking much improved from last year at the same competition and is looking to better his 4th placing. He is competing in the Novice Class.

Steve Howarth has an invite to the ProAm class and is capable of standing shoulder to shoulder with the top guys around. Steve has a good chance of being in the money.

Good luck to all!!!! Go TEAM EVO…..

Jon wins O/40s at BNBF British Finals 2011

Sunday the 18th September 2011 was Finals day for 85 British Natural Bodybuilding Federation competitors including our own Jon Clark and Kelly Rennie. As usual the show ran like clockwork and was a feat of organisation for athletes and spectators alike.

The day show started promptly at 11.30 with the Pro competitors and was like a clash of the titans. Many pro debuts took place on this day and all looked great.

The Finals started in earnest with the Teens and with Jon in class 5 it didn’t take long until he got his turn.

Jon took to the stage in his first year as a Masters competitor and look shapely and tight. His stage presence had not deserted him during his two years off and he took to it like a duck to water. With not a hair out of place Jon worked tirelessly throughout the symmetry round and the muscularity. The call outs went well and his smile never faltered, job done now to the night show.

Kelly looked great in the figure class, a field of 11 ladies all of awesome standard and little to choose between them whilst all being quite different in shape, tone and musculature. Kelly’s shoulders looked great, her abs were out and her stage presence excellent. Again symmetry and favourite poses with the T-walk still to come at the night show.

The night show again started on time with the now traditional introduction of the judges as they emerged from the smoke…. Rachael did not judge this year but has the onerous task of compiling the show report.

Jon posed with his usual grace and fluidity. Jon was in excellent shape and although Lazaro Almenares and Pete Sampson were slightly tighter than Jon they could not compete with his overall package, his excellent and balanced development, amazing upper body development and separated quads. Pete placed third and Lazaro second whilst Jon was crowned 2011 O/40s British Champion. Jon has waited 11 years for the British Title and was overjoyed with the result being presented with his trophy by former BNBF Pro and Outstanding Bodybuilder Nigel Davies.

Jon then took to the stage for the Masters Overall and the prestigious Pro Card, it was great to see Jon on the stage with long time Bodybuilder, role model, friend and true gent that is Eric Dowey who won the over 70’s. Jon battled hard and was closely beaten by Mario Watts from the O/50s.

Back home with a trophy the size of a small child Jon is now preparing for the Yorton Cup in Washington DC after receiving an invite to compete as part of the BNBF British team. Six more weeks of diet and hard preparation.

Kelly Rennie took to the stage and with her own amazing style strutted out her T-walk with a figure to aspire to and stage presence a-plenty. The standard of the class this year was amazing with all the girls having placed first or second in the qualifiers there was not much to choose between them. Kelly well deserves her place in the top echelon of figure competitors demonstrating commitment and hard work throughout the year not only at competition time. She didn’t place top 5 this time………. next year!!

Well done guys you did great!

BNBF British Finals 2011

One Week to Go!!!! BNBF British Finals 2011, Glasgow

Our own Jon Clark and Kelly Rennie are on countdown to the BNBF British Finals in Glasgow at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre, SECC.

Kelly Rennie

The last week is always the hardest keeping your head whilst trying to fine tune your diet. Kelly is in her second year of competition and second time at the BNBF British Finals. You may have seen her recently in Muscle & Fitness Magazine where she has had a 7 page spread detailing her rapid rise up the ranks in the fitness world. Kelly is a dedicated individual with clear goals and her current goal is the BNBF 2011 British Figure Champion.


Jon Clark has moved into the Masters class this year with the arrival of his 40th year. A consistent top level bodybuilder this is a comeback year. Taking two years off to concentrate on developing his gyms he is back and on the championship trail. In August he was crowned BNBF Northern Champion at the Manchester competition. Jon helps train a number of top level competitors including Kelly and is a wealth of advice and knowledge. That said, the last week is no easier for him than for any other competitor.

The pinnacle of the BNBF competition calendar the British Finals are a spectacle with an exceptional level of competitor and the British Men’s Professional Competition. This year will see at least one competitor from the USA to compete against the British Pros. This is a great step forward to making the pro aspect of the British Finals a truly international competition.

All the judges for the BNBF have a track record of excellence in bodybuilding either professional or top class bodybuilders or industry experts. As always the competition runs with the athlete and supporter in mind, I am sure if you make the effort to attend you will love it and be bitten by the bug.

Good luck to all competitiors but extra focus on Jon Clark and Kelly Rennie – good luck guys!!!!


Never thought I would recommend a detox until I gave it a go this year and feel fab, if you want to give it a go read on. Don’t forget that if you are unsure about anything check it out with your doctor this is what I did but is not a tested diet, it’s based on principles and you can be as strict or lenient as you want, I was quite strict and think that’s what got the results……… I lost 9 lbs in 6 weeks and felt as bouncy as TIGGER!!!!

It’s in 2 parts, a 10 day cleanse/elimination phase and then the follow up……. you can do it all or just the 10 days, my idea is to maintain the eating habits I have developed and to re-introduce foods one by one (the ones I want to re-introduce) and to take time to think about how they make me feel, if they make me feel not so good I won’t have them again or very infrequently.

So let’s go:……..

10 day detox/cleanse
Firstly, preparation……

Time to clear out the cupboards

During the 10 days you are going to cut out:


Wheat and gluten –
Due to a large % of the population being allergic to these and to some processed versions being hard to digest. Found in biscuits, breads, cakes pies etc but also in some soups and sauces as thickener.

Dairy –
with the exception of eggs and live yoghurt cut out milk and dairy products (cheese etc)

Alcohol –
No alcohol at all during the diet

Sugar –
Avoid sugar and artificial sweeteners – no fizzy sugary drinks including diet versions, honey, sugar, sugary foods, cakes, sweets, biscuits

Trans fat –
avoid products that list hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated or shortenings on the label, avoid fast food, high and full fat margarine and baked goods such as doughnuts, pastries and biscuits, use lean cuts of meat and poultry and cook them without skin, without adding trans fats

Caffeine –
avoid tea, coffee (unless caffeine free), hot chocolate, energy drinks

It it’s not there you can’t have it so best to get rid (more difficult if you live with someone who is not going to do it – then you will need all your will power)

It sounds like a lot to cut out but I found it quite easy once I started, you do have to think a bit more about shopping but here’s some things you can have (this list is not exhaustive)

Introduce Coconut Oil, olive oil for cooking (no vegetable oils)

Stock up on good foods

Eggs, plain porridge oats, fish, chicken, turkey, beef (lean), lamb, quorn, vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, celery, green beans, mushrooms, onions, peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, carrots etc), fruit (apple, lemon, lime, orange, pears), live yoghurt, sea salt, black pepper,

My tips, remember to avoid any processed or mixed products, by this I mean basically no tins, no pre-prepared meals/food and stick to basics like potatoes and rice rather than pasta and no bread anyway but they are mixed and you cannot control the salt, sugar, fat content.

3 sessions per week minimum – it doesn’t have to be a marathon but try to get some exercise at least a long walk 3 times per week

OMG DIET!!!!!!

Week 1 start detox

Cut out all foods that are no allowed, instead of caffeine use decaf options or fruit tea, ensure you drink at least a litre of water a day.

Eat small portions often, i.e. every three-four hours, this means you will have 5 to 6 meals a day. Try to keep carbs up to lunch time then in the later meals fill up on vegs or salad.

Week 2: Increase water to 2 litres per day

Stick with it keep avoiding all foods as above – when you reach 10 days why not keep on for two full weeks

Week 3: Follow up

Either stop after cleanse as detox step only – reintroduce foods but step by step paying attention to how you feel – you may decide not to reintroduce some as they make you feel bad.

Follow up – This is when we create the you of the future and a new daily eating regime that you will be able to maintain. Keep eating in the same way but if there are food you are missing put them back in slowly – for example:


day one – have one slice or bread – now the key is to keep monitoring how you feel, how does the bread affect you? if it feels fine introduce another slice on day 2 so 2 slices and see how you feel. By doing this you can decide if it makes you feel bad, lethargic, dizzy, bloated and you can decide whether or not you want to keep on eating it.

If something makes you feel less well than you can take it out again.

Don’t reintroduce more than one food stuff at time or you won’t be able to tell what is affecting you or not.

If you are wanting weight-loss as well as the healthy feeling remember to keep the food intake down, keep carbs up to lunch time and don’t reintroduce the sugars and fats

Week 4: Increase water to 3 litres per day, re-measure and weigh in!!!!
keep eating clean

Week 5: Cheat Day – pick a day – one meal, eat what you want!
keep eating clean

Week 6: Increase water to 4 litres; add an extra Omega 3 capsule into daily regime
keep eating clean

Now we should have a new you, why reintroduce all those foods you had before, be selective re-introduce some and have one cheat day a week – thus alcohol no more than once a week and keep the intake controlled.

I am on day 11 and will let you know how I go over the 6 weeks. I lost 3.5 lbs in the first 4 days ..

Good luck – if you need any help or have questions please comment. I will endeavour to reply but as I have said this is the way I have done it.